Is Your Home As Safe As You Think It Is?

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A home invasion occurs every 13 seconds in America. Since most of us work outside the home, we spend hours a day away from our homes. Is your home as safe as you think it is? Maybe not as safe as you think. Only about 30% of home invasions or burglaries are due to unlocked windows or doors; that means a large portion of the other 70% of home invasions come from intruders breaking doors or windows in order to gain access to your home.

What can you do to prevent these home invasions? While many people install alarm systems or buy dogs, these options only slow intruders down. We’ve all read the stories of how long it takes police to arrive to a home invasion. The best way to remain safe is to prevent intruders from entering in the first place. So, what can you do to keep unwanted guests out?

One invasion prevention solution lies in upgrading your home’s window and/or door options. Stronger window and door options, such as metal windows and doors, can prevent burglars from entering a home unwanted. Metal window manufacturers create beautiful steel framed windows which come in any number of colors and finishes to ensure that they blend in seamlessly with any home’s decor.

Steel framed doors and windows can not only keep home occupants safe but also increase the property value of a home. In the average American home, up to 22% of indoor heat can be lost through windows. Wood and fiberglass windows insulate much less than thermally broken steel windows. Compared to traditional windows, thermal windows produced by metal window manufacturers have a much higher U-value, which is a measure of the energy efficiency of a window system. By replacing a home’s windows with metal frame residential windows with a high Energy Star rating, that household could save between $126 and $465 a year. Metal window manufacturers estimate that energy efficient windows can reduce energy loss to up to 50%. Who can’t afford to save on their energy bills?

Metal window manufacturers can be found all across America. Steel framed windows and doors can be ordered directly through manufacturers or through an architect or builder. If you want to make your home safer while also cutting energy costs, the choice is clear: upgrade your windows and doors today.

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