Have You Checked Your Air Conditioning Lately?

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When’s the last time you repaired your furnace? While the average furnace repair cost can seem a little high, particularly around the holiday season when you’re already trying to save money, going out of your way to call electric furnace repair services will save you in the long run. Seemingly negligible issues, such as old age or leaks, can increase your monthly bill tremendously if not checked. Look below at the top reasons you should call for air conditioner repair, ranging from reducing your monthly energy bill to increasing your system’s efficiency.

American HVAC Industry Statistics

The HVAC industry is a lucrative and busy one, employing over 300,000 people across 85,000 businesses throughout the United States. The industry is worth an estimated $71 billion and grows by 4% each year through routine repairs, installations and replacements. Packard was the very first automobile manufacturing company to install air-conditioning in cars back in 1936 — now you know who to thank during the sweltering summer heat!

Heating And Cooling Systems

Did you know that a properly ventilated attic can reduce HVAC energy costs by 12%? That’s a lot of money you can save monthly! With proper maintenance an HVAC unit can last up to 15 years, as well. You should give both your air conditioning and heat pumps at least two feet of clearance to encourage better air circulation and less dust and mold build-up. Not only is it essential to save money, you also don’t want to aggravate existing allergies or lung conditions!

Calling Air Conditioning Repair

It’s important to call for professional services as well as practice good habits in the day-to-day. HVAC air filters, for example, should be changed at least once every few months to avoid damage and reduction in efficiency. When over half of all American households use gas forced air furnaces, mediating a furnace repair cost is important to make sure you’re not losing more money during the colder months. Look up your local heating and cooling companies to give your furnace or air conditioner a check-up and reduce that stubborn heating bill!

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