Did Cold Temperatures Damage Your Pipes This Winter? Consider Trenchless Repair

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With this winter’s temperatures hovering below freezing, your pipes are at high risk for freezing and possibly bursting. It’s a problem that’s more common than you may think. In fact, water damage and freezing are responsible for almost a fourth of all homeowners insurance claims with the average claim costing a little over $4,000. Getting your pipes repaired tends to be a hassle also. Fortunately, thanks to new technology like directional drilling (also known as HDD), you can replace or repair your pipes using a trenchless service.

Trenchless pipe replacement avoids digging up your lawn and property, a huge plus and cost savings in the long run. Sometimes the cost of having to rebuild the area around the dig is more expensive than the actual repair process! It also eliminates the risk of damaging nearby electrical, water or gas lines during the process because there is no digging involved. You can sleep easy knowing that your property and utilities are secure.

Another perk of using directional drilling instead of the conventional “cut and cover” approach is that you can put pipes virtually anywhere. This is because you do not have to worry about surface obstacles like a garage or driveway. Since the process occurs entirely underground, the trenchless method can put a pipe through the most direct route available, saving you money and time. This is also ideal if you live in heavily developed area where you don’t have much space to work with.

Using a service such as micro tunneling or directional drilling not only benefits you as the homeowner but also benefits the environment. There is no need for an excavation pit and it uses a significantly smaller amount of mud and water during the process. The pipe repair company only needs two points of access: the entry and the exit pit. By requiring less work space and less materials, trenchless repair decreases the environmental footprint left behind. It also cuts down on noise pollution as it is a much quieter solution.

Even if you haven’t experienced a pipe bursting or some other obvious damage to your system, it’s highly recommended that you get your pipes inspected on a regular basis, especially if your sewer system is over 40 years old. While trenchless repair is an easier, faster solution than traditional repair, it can still be costly whereas a simple inspection only runs around $250 to $350. It would be in your best interest to take preventive measures and fix minor issues before they require an entire replacement of your sewer or pipe system.

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