Better add a LOCKSMITH to your emergency phone list? now!

High security locks

Why it’s important to add a LOCKSMITH to your emergency phone list… now!

It?s pretty scary when you reach in your pocket, late at night for your keys and you come up empty.

As a consumer reporter, this incident got me thinking about how a local, family owned locksmith Queens, my hometown works. Emergency locksmith in Queens especially.

The primary business of a local locksmith is home and business security, high security locks, keyless entry systems, alarm and alarm systems and building security.

According to FBI data, a third of home burglaries happen through unlocked doors and windows.
We need to teach our kids and ourselves to not be so casual.

Further, the other two thirds of the burglaries occur because of forced entry… mostly because of inadequate locks on our doors and windows.

Here?s the scary part. The Justice Department statistics indicate that almost 1/3 of burglaries occur when someone you love is at home in your house.

Burglaries are, in a word, difficult to solve. Unless your loss amounts to many thousands of dollars, the police cannot put resources against this very common crime.

So, here?s what I learned and did. I had my local locksmith, a family owned company, come out and give me an evaluation on my house. High security locks were the first thing on his list. Alarm and alarm systems were suggested as a next step.

He taught me how important it was to involve all members of the family in carefully locking up after ourselves.

His best recommendation for me was high security locks, keyless entry locks for entry. No key. Brainless.

I was really impressed at my locksmith’s knowledge. He was not trying to sell anything. He told me what I really needed to know.

I learned more about home safety with my locksmith in half an hour than I had ever thought about. I asked about computer controlled alarm systems and he gave me advice on a couple of good ones I might research. Same with window gates, management systems, intercoms, and all kinds of home access control.

I?ve since learned that locksmiths are highly trained in their profession They are schooled, trained and licensed and bonded.

So, after all my research, I followed my locksmith’s advice. He recommended new keyless door locks and a simple training ritual for my family about the importance of locking doors and home security.

He got my lock business. He?s on my phone list. All because of my lost car keys and a Queens locksmith came to call. Turned a scary situation into something positive. Safety at home. Very comforting.

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