Great Ways to Improve Handicap Accessibility in Bathrooms

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Remodeling a bathroom can be a great investment, and for a person who uses a wheelchair or walker it is a necessity. Ordinary bathrooms create challenges for a handicapped individual, so creating a bathroom that is accessible to them helps to improve their quality of life immensely. So, what specifics make handicap bathrooms different, and how can you create a bathroom remodeling design to accommodate handicapped people?
When entering a bathroom, you need to be able to fit through a door with ease. Many people may not realize that handicap bathroom remodeling will require the expansion of a doorway to 36 inches. The 36 inches accommodates for turn from a hallway to the bathroom with ease.
Once they have entered the doorway, you will need enough space to move around. For a person in a wheelchair or walker, this means having 60 inches of space to allow them to do a complete turnaround. There also needs to be an area large enough for the handicapped individual to park their chair near the toilet.
Now, the toilet area has many accommodations needed. There will need to be grab bars installed on both sides of the toilet, which will assist in the standing, lowering, and the transfer from wheelchair or walker to toilet. Accessibility codes require a toilet of 17 inches at minimum.
The sink is an important asset to a handicapped bathroom. It must be open underneath to enable the handicapped individual to roll a wheelchair straight underneath. The faucet must have a touch operated faucet or a lever faucet, as a faucet they requires grasping would not create ease for the person.
Handicap bathrooms must also have accessible showers. Several varieties of walk-in bathtubs and showers work great for wheel-chair users. Also, a shower or tub with a fitted seat work great for safe transfer to and from the wheelchair or walker.
The bathroom is a high traffic area, so one of the greatest things you can do is make it accessible to everyone. A handicap bathroom is a great addition to a home, whether the home be new or old. Creating accessibility helps create a better life.

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