4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Carpet

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Shopping for carpeting is similar to car shopping. Carpet installation and repair decisions are as important as any other household decision you make. When contemplating flooring ideas you should consider the different types of flooring available before making a decision. Buying carpet for your home is an investment that should last a while, so making the right choice is vital. Approximately 44% of consumers prefer carpet to hardwood in their bedrooms, and the right carpet there or anywhere else in the house should last approximately 10 years before it shows sign of wear. Use these tips to help decide which carpet is best suited for your needs.

Quality and price should be coupled with durability before making a decision when it comes to carpet installation and repair. Differentiating between the different fibers when looking for carpet will help you make an informed decision. Performing basic homework and comparison-shopping will help you decide which carpet is best for you. This will help when working with a reputable carpet installation and repair retailer when it comes to carpet installation or repair.


Nylon is the most durable carpet available. Nylon outperforms all other fibers in the durability category as well as maintenance and resilience. This carpet is a great choice for high traffic areas as well as areas where kids and pets like to travel. This carpet is great for high-traffic areas, but it must be treated, and re-treated after a time span to prevent stains.


This newly classified fiber is derived partly from corn sugar. This gives this carpet excellent anti-stain property. This makes triexta carpet a great option for kid or pet friendly zones. Triexta carpet also has excellent resilience.


Polyester carpeting is stain resistant. It is also incredibly soft, very luxurious when under your feet and is an excellent choice for exercise areas. Color ranges include deep and very vibrant colors. Despite these luxurious options, it can be hard to clean. Polyester tends to shed easily and is not as durable as nylon carpeting. This carpet is best suited for low traffic areas, such as bedrooms, and in households that do not have children or pets routinely using the carpet.


Olefin is an attractive carpeting choice that will not break the bank. The fibers are strong and resistant to fading, but they are not as resilient as nylon. The looped construction with a nubby weave conceals dirt, and it resists stains, mildew and static. This carpet is ideal for high traffic areas, which are deemed clean. Areas such as family rooms and play areas for children would benefit most from olefin carpeting.

When choosing carpet installation and repair for your house, make sure to thoroughly inspect the carpet before purchasing. Bend the carpet sample backwards and inspect it. If you can see the backing then the carpet will crush easily and wear more quickly. Check the warranty of the carpet. The “texture retention” warranty covers the wear and tear on the carpet after being walked on. Look for carpeting with at least a 10-year “texture retention” warranty. Once a period of 10 years has passed, signs of wear begin to show, especially on major walkways, and carpets start to lose their texture and their tuft. Ensure that you get at least 10 long years out of your carpeting.

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