3 Tricks That Can Help You Save Money On Air Conditioning

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Air conditioning is considered all but a necessity in most American homes today. In fact, two-thirds of all American homes now have air conditioning; and it?s not difficult to imagine that number rising in the future. But as with any service, with the prevalence of air conditioning comes the need for AC repair. What can we do to prevent issues with our air conditioning units? How can we make our air conditioning last longer? How can we save money on air conditioning? These questions, among others, have more answers than you?d think. And the more you know about air conditioning, the less likely you are to have to call the AC repair company early.

1. Get Energy Efficient

Although energy efficient appliances and utilities are often more friendly to the environment than conventional versions, what might excite you is that they tend to lower the bills. On average, conventional AC services use up about 5% of all electricity in the United States. This manifests in an annual cost of over $11 billion for homeowners! An energy efficient air conditioning service, coupled with energy efficient practices in your home, can the energy use for air conditioning by 20 to 50%. Furthermore, by using less energy, this kind of air conditioning has the potential to last longer. Durability is important, right? Another way you can keep your air conditioning unit around is?

2. Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is often associated with AC repair ? but the two are very separate things. Yes, you do need to call an air conditioning company to service your unit, even when it seems like nothing is wrong. While only 42% of American homes using central air have it serviced annually, the fact is that all of us should be doing it. The reason why many avoid annual air conditioning maintenance is that they don?t want to pay for it; the fact is that skipping maintenance will lead to repairs or even replacements that cost much more. With 20% homes built in the 1980s having AC units over 20 years old, maintenance is not something any of us can afford to skip out on.

3. Look Out For Signs

But when your air conditioning unit is broken, you should have it repaired as quickly as possible. Air conditioning repair companies are capable of fixing many problems, but waiting to have those repairs done can cause irreparable damage. So keep an eye out for telltale signs, like excessive dust, a sign of leaky ducts. Broken parts or poor operation can also cause overpowering humidity. Nonetheless, if by the time you call the AC repair company it?s too late and your unit needs replacing, don?t despair. Investing in a newer, more efficient unit can result in energy savings.

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