3 Things To Think About When Buying a New Fence

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If you’re tired of nosy neighbors spoiling your backyard fun, then you might be interested in investing in some outdoor privacy. A new fence for your yard can increase your home’s curb appeal, as well as its market value, and helps you keep your family affairs to yourself. When looking at fences for your yard, here are some things that you’ll have to think about.

Design – If you’re looking for fencing that will provide you the maximum privacy possible, look into a tall wooden privacy fence. Designed to eliminate the slats between the posts, this kind of fence will provide a snoop-proof barrier around your yard to maximize outdoor privacy. If you want something that has a little less cover, maybe look into a traditional white picket fence.

Material – Consider the material you’ll want for your fence. Is it going to be exposed to a lot of moisture? If you’re looking for pool fence installation, you’ll probably have a better time if you stay away from wood. When untreated, additional water can cause rot around the base of the wooden posts. Something more sustainable like vinyl would be a good choice for a pool fence. For regular yard fencing, consider the 65% investment return on an aluminum fence.

Care – As previously mentioned, certain fencing materials will require different levels of care. If you do decide to invest in a wooden fence, make sure you consult your local fence installation company about the kind of sealing and treatment the wood will need, and how often. If you live in a fairly seasonal environment (i.e. lots of rain and snow) you may be better off staying away from wood and metal altogether, to prevent rot and rust.

No matter what kind of fence you choose, you can be sure that it will add value to your life and home, while giving you the additional privacy you deserve.

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