3 Reasons AC Maintenance is Essential

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The summer heat can really dampen your fun if you don’t have air conditioning to come home to. After a long day out in the sun, coming home to a cool house and grabbing a glass of lemonade is the perfect ending to the day. With air conditioning used in almost 100 million American homes, it’s incredibly popular, but only 42% of those with a central air conditioner are servicing it every year. This leaves your home vulnerable and not running efficiently. Read on for the top three reasons you absolutely must keep up on air conditioner repairs, whether you’re using central air or not.

It’s Dangerous!

Leaky ducts could be spewing dust and other particles into the air within your home. This could be especially dangerous, for the very young, the elderly, or family members with asthma. Also, faulty mechanics in an air conditioner can cause a fire in your home, which could not only destroy your home, but it could cost lives. Don’t let something so easily prevented become such a huge issue!

Cost Difference

Even something as small as switching to a high-efficiency AC system or occasionally using other ways to cool your home can reduce your energy usage by 20 to 50%, which in turn saves money. Over time, that money adds up! Who doesn’t want to save money?

Peace of Mind

Keeping up on air conditioner repairs means that you’ll never have to worry about when something may go wrong with them. There would be nothing worse than having no AC on the hottest day of the summer just because you weren’t keeping up on HVAC repairs. You can also rest assured that your house is running as efficiently as it possibly can. Just don’t forget about generator repairs or home furnace repairs! These will all keep your house comfortable and safe.

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