3 Tips for Getting a Greener Lawn This Summer

The advantages of having healthy and lovely lawns go beyond aesthetics. Anyone can achieve this, seeing there are so many lawn care companies you can contract.

It’s crucial to understand the best seeding time for great results. First, buy high-end seeds and keep them moist through to germination. Seed in late spring for warm-season grass and in fall for cool-season grasses.

Don’t irrigate your grass when it’s hot and humid because that only promotes disease. Instead, do it early before the sun is out to avoid evaporation. When the grass starts turning yellow or getting those big blotches of yellow spots, it’s not dead; it’s in dormancy mode.

During this stage, don’t rake or dethatch your yard. Also, don’t fertilize dormant grass; this adds more stress and possible fertilizer burns. Wait it out since it’ll bounce back when it rains, or look up the lawn company near me to work at reviving it.

Mowing is the secret to having a beautiful strand of turf. Most wait until it’s unbearably long, then mow it so low that they don’t have to mow again. Mowing height should be between three to four inches. Cut off an inch every time, meaning mowing every five days.

Look up lawn science near me to ensure your grass is well-fed; opt for slow-release organic fertilizers. Using the new American lawn program, ensure that feeding also goes down to the soil. Then, after all the work, enjoy your lawn.

Organic lawncare company

In order to keep their lawns green, most homeowners will opt for chemical pesticides and sprays. However, these aren’t the only choices that exist when it comes to lawncare — and, in fact, they might be the worst. The average lawn in the United States sees about 10 times the amount of pesticides as an acre of farmland. Despite that, Americans continue to spend around $700 million on lawncare chemicals, including pesticides and herbicides.

But those chemicals create bigger problems than their cost and the density at which they’re sprayed. Some of these chemicals have been linked to health problems in adults and birth defects in children, and they poison around 1 million people each year. If you’re looking for a green lawn this summer, but you don’t want to use these same harmful chemicals

  • Skip the pesticides. There are plenty of ways to treat your lawn without reaching for the sprays sold at your local home improvement or gardening store. Look for organic lawncare products made without harmful chemicals, or check out eco-friendly fertilizers. If you have the time to spend on your garden, you can also do your weeding by hand — no chemicals needed.
  • Call an organic lawn service. Many homeowners look to lawncare services to help them get their ideal yard. However, these companies spray the same chemicals that cause so many deaths and illnesses worldwide. Organic lawn services provide you with pesticide free lawncare treatments that are good for you and the earth. Organic lawncare services also have benefits below the grass. They don’t cause groundwater contamination, and they don’t harm the earthworms responsible for aerating the soil in your lawn.
  • Use other “green” tips for a green lawn. Finally, try some other environmentally-friendly gardening tips to keep your lawn looking beautiful throughout the season. For example, just because you want your lawn to be green doesn’t mean you have to soak it with the sprinkler, so avoid over-watering your lawn. If you want an easy way to fertilize your lawn or garden, try composting. You can create a compost heap by placing any sort of organic materials into it, such as leaves, branches, and even leftover parts of fruits and vegetables.

Need more advice on going green to help your lawn go green? Try contacting an organic lawn service for pesticide free lawncare and other services. How do you help your lawn stay green? Tell us in the comments.

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