Knowing the Danger of Not Installing Fire Suppression Systems

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In any big space, it’s important to have fire suppression systems–whether those take the form of sprinklers, fire extinguishers, or even just water. Unfortunately, it seems that these measures are often skimped on. Between 2006 and 2010, it was reported that fire sprinklers only existed in 6% of reported home fires. Knowing how to service a fire extinguisher is important, but you should also have some kind of other protective measure, particularly in corporate or food service buildings. A restaurant should have a commercial kitchen fire suppression system as well as fire extinguisher servicing, for example. If you haven’t gotten a fire suppression systems installation in your building (be it for work, school, or at home), you should consider taking the steps to do so.
So What’s the Danger?
In four years (2007-2011), fire departments were called to about 366,600 home fires a year. The National Fire Protection Association reports that up to 41% of fires at home start in the kitchen. In restaurants, the danger of fires starting in the kitchen can be even greater, due to the high volume of grease and oil present in the area.
How About Fire Extinguishers?
While perhaps not the best method for a huge fire, fire extinguishers do play an important role as a fire suppression system. In looking at over 2,000 fires, portable fire extinguishers were responsible for eliminating over 80% of them. Relatively speaking, a fire extinguisher is also one of the easier fire suppression systems installation processes to complete.
Some hard and fast rules for fire extinguishers follow, although they may differ depending on the state that you live in:

  • Fire extinguishers need to be 30 feet (or closer) from areas where food is cooked.
  • Check to see if your apartment building or rental property requires a fire extinguisher in every unit or every 2,500 square feet.
  • Check and replace your fire extinguisher regularly. Technically, fire extinguishers are usable for 5-15 years, but sometimes it’s hard to know when it was installed. Check the pressure gauge to ensure it’s still in the green, otherwise, replace it.
  • Fire Suppression Systems Installation
    Depending on the type of fire suppression system you’re installing, you may need a professional to come help you install, such as for fire sprinkler systems, commercial kitchen systems, or industrial fire suppression systems. Others, like smoke detectors or fire alarms, you may be able to do yourself or with a handy friend or neighbor. In all cases, you should test the equipment to make sure it works and is installed properly. Generally, it’s probably best if you leave it up to the professionals. The same company may also offer routine inspections of the equipment. Make sure the company you’re buying from makes systems for the specific need you have–many fire suppression systems companies design for a specific area, not generally, so make sure you’re getting the things you need.
    Don’t be in a list of statistics. Make sure your home, work, school, or any other environment you enter has good fire protection systems that are up to date and regulated.
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