This Extra Addition Ads to Home Value and Cool Factor

Solar panel mounting systems

In a competitive home market, it’s hard to set yourself apart. In a neighborhood where everyone has granite countertops, wood floors and a lovely fireplace, what is a seller to do to make their home stick out? Until recently, only a corner lot could do the trick. But luckily for home buyers, innovations in green home technology have made it that much simpler to get ahead of the pack. Installing a sun tracking solar panel is a great addition that attracts home buyers on three levels.
Level 1: Cost Savings
Sure, they may pay more to purchase your home. Buy each month, your buyers will enjoy a lower electric bill than anyone around them. Solar panel systems can be installed for less than 1 penny per watt! Plus, solar racking systems usually last 30-40 years. When prospective home buyers see that you’ve invested in this infrastructure, they’ll be more likely to pay high dollar.
Level 2: Less Guilt
Let’s face it: a lot of people are really scared that humans will be the demise of planet Earth. People are afraid of the direction the environment is going and if you make it easy, they will take steps to lessen their eco foot print. One kilowatt of solar power could salve 150 pounds of mind coal, 300 lbs of CO2 emissions or even 105 gallons of water. When you consider these facts, installing a sun tracking solar panel doesn’t sound like a small step. It’s actually a huge step!
Level 3: Hip Factor
The solar industry is on pace to complete its 1,000,000th installation in 2015. In the grand scheme of things, that means that the technology is pretty young. Hip buyers love to be at the start of a trend. By putting in solar power, you are attracting buyers who want to do what is hip and cool!
You have a responsibility to get a good return on your house as well as a responsibility to consume less. You can start by looking into installing the means for solar power.

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