Three Types of Rental Equipment Perfect for Your Construction Job Site

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Many construction companies may think that buying is their only option when it comes to getting the supplies they need to complete a job. However, this isn’t true. The other option is to rent construction equipment in order to get the work done.

Here are three types of construction equipment rentals that you may find it necessary to procure for your current or upcoming projects.

Construction Lift Equipment

Aerial lifts are some of the most common types of equipment found in construction sites. This type of equipment helps to safely lift workers, so they can perform construction work up to several stories high. However, it is important before renting this equipment to make sure that all employees have aerial lift certification to keep everyone on the job site safe.

Earth Moving Equipment
From bulldozers to excavators, earth moving equipment is necessary for any projects that include digging or moving piles of dirt. Building constructions, especially, benefit from earth moving equipment in order to set a foundation, though other projects may require these items as well. Along with aerial lift equipment, crawler dozers and crawler excavators, such as Bobcats, are among the most important pieces for construction workers, according to a 2011 survey.

Construction Light Towers

Finally, many projects involve work in the early morning or even into the evening, and during winter, it may still be dark out during these times. In order to ensure that the job gets done as scheduled, you may need to rent light towers to extend the workday. These towers are also useful for overnight construction jobs, such as work done on the highway.

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