Make Sure You’re Cleaning Your Tile Floors Properly

Tile and grout sealing

Floor care cleaning and maintenance are very important to maintaining the look and quality of your floors. No matter what type of flooring it is, it’s important to take care off it. And proper maintenance is more than the occasional sweeping, and mopping once a year. Floors require regular, if not daily maintenance, in order to maintain their quality and sheen.

Marble cleaning, terrazzo cleaning and travertine cleaning are all very important to the prime condition of these types of floors. Conveniently, however, the same cleaning methods work for all three types of flooring, so if you have more than one of these types of flooring in your home, you don’t have to use different chemicals, and different cleaning tools.

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure you have the right supplies. Make sure you use a neutral pH cleanser, because tile cleaning with cleansers that are too acidic can seriously harm your floors. However, it’s also important to make sure that the cleanser isn’t leaving any oils or residues that will stain the stone over time.

Your cleanser should be in a spray bottle. Aside from the right cleanser, you’ll want a microfiber mop, and some inexpensive microfiber or terry towels (microfiber towels are best.)

Step One: Mount the towel onto your mop. Spray the cleanser directly onto the floor, covering an area in size you’re comfortable with at one time. Wipe the sprayed area with the mop and towel, loosening the oil and dirt that has collected on the surface of the stone, and in the pores.

Step Two: Find a dry section of your towel and use it to buff the floor dry to a shining, mirror-like surface. Proceed to the next area and repeat steps one and two until the entire floor is done.

Proper tile cleaning and maintenance will keep your tile floors looking as beautiful as they were the day they were installed. Don’t let your floors become dingy and stained, becoming an eyesore. With proper tile cleaning, your floors can be something you’re proud to show off.

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