Avoid Expensive Home Repairs With These Prevention Tips

Basement window well cover

A home is a delicately balanced structure rooted on a strong foundation. When something happens to cause damage to the foundation, it can mean big trouble for the rest of the house. Problems that go unnoticed or unattended for a long time can lead to more serious issues and can call for expensive concrete foundation repair. In order to avoid big, expensive home repairs, homeowners need to be aware of what causes damage to a foundation and how they can prevent it.

Causes of Foundation Damage

Water is often the root of foundation issues, whether it causes direct or indirect damage. When water builds up around a home’s foundation or in a basement, it can lead to cracks. Cracks make a foundation unstable, weakening the foundation and causing trouble for the rest of the house. Soil expansion can also lead to foundation problems. Certain soils, like those that contain clay, absorb water in the surrounding area and expand as a result. This expansion leads to cracks in a foundation. Expansive soil can also shrink when it dries out, causing a foundation to buckle as support is taken away from underneath.

Warning Signs of a Damaged Foundation

There are a few tell tale signs of foundation damage that all homeowners should be aware of. They include cracks in the ceilings and walls, door jams and bulging floors. Often times these symptoms start off small and can be barely noticeable. It is important to keep an eye for them, however, because the bigger they grow, the more problematic they become. Homeowners should call a foundation repair company at the first sign of damage.

The Concrete Foundation Repair Process

Piering and slabjacking are the two most common methods of concrete foundation repair. Piering involves inserting metal piers beneath the home’s foundation to lift a sunken home back up. Slabjcacking, on the other hand, involves drilling a number of holes into the foundation and filling them with grout to raise the foundation back to its original position. Both can be expensive processes, so it is best to avoid foundation damage at all costs!

How to Avoid the Need for Concrete Foundation Repair

Homeowners can avoid expensive foundation repairs by taking steps to prevent water damage in their home and around their foundation. Some waterproofing methods include installing a basement sump pump to direct water out of the basement, window well covers to keep water from accumulating around the foundation and a french drain system to keep a damp backyard from causing issues. Homeowners should also fix basement leaks as soon as possible and watch out for signs of damage as soon as they appear.

Maintaining a home is expensive enough as it is. Knowing how to prevent damage and knowing signs to look for can save homeowners all the money and hassle of a major home repair.
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