Why Your Home Needs Accordion Storm Shutters

How to get ready for a hurricane

If you live in hurricane-prone coastal areas ranging from Texas to Maine, covering your windows is one of your first lines of defense in preparing your home for a hurricane. Covering your windows will protect your home from flying debris and strong winds, which depending on the strength and severity of the hurricane, and cause extensive damage and even injury.

Many people ask themselves, “How can I prepare for a hurricane?”. Hurricane home preparation begins on the outside, and securing doors, windows, and other points of entry are a must. Accordion storm shutters are a cost-effective, hassle-free, and easy to use means of protecting your home and family.

Proper storm protection can mean the difference between surviving a hurricane unscathed or sustaining property damage or even personal injury. Accordion storm shutters are easily installed. Typically, they come in one or two pieces. As their name so aptly indicates, they unfold in an accordion-like fashion from either one or both sides of a window. Once installed, they do not have to be reinstalled after every hurricane season — unless damaged or in need of repair — making them an affordable investment. Also, they are perfect for curved, or hard to fit custom windows.

Additionally, accordion storm shutters are easy to use and operate. Simply pull them across the windows and you’re protected. Aside from their practical and functional properties, they are also aesthetically pleasing and stylish.

While securing the outside of your home is essential, creating a sound hurricane preparedness plan is just as critical. Review safe check points, shelters, and meeting places with your family ahead of time. In the event your family gets separated, you should have designated meeting locations agreed to and reviewed ahead of time. Ensure your home is properly stocked with extra water, non-perishable food items, batteries, flashlights and first aid kits. Having extra cash, gasoline, and water-proofing important documents are also necessary.

Living in coastal area doesn’t mean you have to live in fear. In the end, you can never be too prepared. Proper preparation will allow you have to peace of mind, as well as allow you to “weather” the storm.

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