How Window Shutters Can Help Your Home Become More Energy Efficient


Window shutters are a classic component of the American home, adding contrasting colors and textural details that can enhance almost any house. However, if you are thinking about adding window treatments to your home, you have likely focused on adding window blinds, curtains, drapes, and shades for the way they look and the energy benefits they offer your house. But don’t forget: window shutters are window treatments too, which are built in a styles and materials to appeal to homeowners everywhere. For example, plantation shutters have a number of advantages, from an elegant appearance to reduced energy usage. Read on to learn about the benefits these classic window features can offer you.

They Keep Indoor Temperatures Low in the Summer
Plantation shutters have pockets of air built into the louver and frame. This blocks solar energy from being absorbed by your house, preventing an increase in temperature. And when the temperature of your home is lower during the heat of the summer, the house will feel more comfortable and use less energy cooling the rooms. Additionally, window shutters provide UV protection, protecting your windows from sun damage.

They Help a Home Retain Heat in the Winter
Unlike some forms of window shutters, which are located on either side of a windo, plantation shutters cover the window itself and are designed to be easily opened and closed. This creates an advantage during the winter: by closing a home’s shutters, heated is prevented from escaping through the window glass. Once again, this makes a home more affordable and energy efficient, as less energy has to be spent on creating a comfortable temperature.

They Can Help Prevent Sun Damage
If you have ever placed a piece of wooden furniture near a bright, sunny window, you may have noticed that the wood became discolored over time. This sun damage is fairly common and can easily ruin valuable pieces of furniture. With plantation window shutters, you can easily adjust how much sunlight enters a room, protecting your belongings from potential harm.

Window treatments offer a number of benefits to every home, including better temperature, energy efficiency and optimal levels of light. However, curtains, drapes and shades aren’t for everyone. If you are interested in the clean, elegant look of plantation window shutters, as well as their practical advantages, contact a window installation company in your area to discuss a potential installation. Links like this.

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