Why You Should Have a Roof Maintenance Plan

There are a lot of tasks homeowners have to stay on top of. Among the most essential is residential roofing maintenance and repair. It can be a lot to keep up with on your own, so it is generally recommended to find a roofing contractor who can help you year after year. These contractors can also help with things like a roof assessment checklist to ensure you are not overlooking anything important.

A personalized and custom-made roof preventative maintenance program can also help you keep your roofing system in good condition before and after any adverse weather events. It is common for homeowners to worry about the overall roof maintenance cost, but putting money into the roofing system is some of the best investments homeowners can make. When $4,000 is invested in roofing upkeep and upgrades, nearly the full $4,000 will go right to the home’s overall value. So, it is a great option to consider and is why it is so important to keep up with repairs. Find a local contractor today to help with roof maintenance tips and any necessary repairs.

Have you been neglecting your roof? A good roof maintenance plan can dramatically lengthen the lifespan of your roof and avoid costly future repairs.

Roofs all wear out eventually, and the speed of this process depends on several factors. These include the quality of your attic and roof ventilation, the quality of your roofing materials and the climate you live in.

Extreme temperatures, wind and rain, ultraviolet radiation from the sun and any foot traffic on the roof can all cause your roof to wear out quickly. Dark shingles may be more affected by these conditions than lighter ones.

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Roofs can be maintained with routine inspections and gutter cleanings twice a year. But even with the best care, you may still eventually require roofing repair or replacement.

Sometimes you may be able to opt for smaller jobs, like patching leaks and trouble spots on roofs. Replacing wind-damaged shingles is fairly cheap and easy. All roofers need to do is remove the damaged or torn shingles and place new ones.

Unfortunately, choosing the right roofing color isn’t always possible. The patch may not match your existing roof unless it’s relatively new, but it will still extend the life of your roof. Ask your roofer to match the roof shingle color as closely as possible if you’re considering selling your home soon.

You may also be able to partially restore your roof if the damage is confined to just one side of your roof. It will be easier to blend in and save you thousands of dollars on full roof replacement.

New roofs can be placed directly on top of other roofs, but this may make your roofing system less hail resistant and possibly decrease its lifespan. Local building codes may also restrict the number of layers you can have on your roof. Wood shingles as an under layer can also contribute to fungus growth.

It often costs a little more initially for roofing services to install a brand new roof, but in the long run, it may cost you less in repair and maintenance.

Talk to your local roofer and decide on a maintenance plan that will make your roof last. More can be found here.

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