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Custom built homes give you the freedom to choose your own floor plan and design your home from the ground up. While this can be a lot of fun, it can also be daunting if you don’t have a place to start. Consider looking to Mediterranean homes for inspiration:

Mediterranean house plans draw from the aesthetic of the Renaissance seaside villas of Spain and Italy. They’re very popular among the big luxury homes of Florida and California, though they’re also well suited to spacious landscapes like Texas and the Midwestern prairies.

The Mediterranean style was at its most popular in the 1920s and 1930s, drawing on the style of seaside villas and palaces to create beautiful luxury homes for coastal resorts in Florida and California.

Mediterranean homes often feature stucco walls, low pitched roofs made of tile or terra cotta, and arches galore. The exotic feel usually comes from gorgeous balconies and ornate wrought iron or wood window grills over large, airy windows. Some homes even have entire walls of windows that open into patios, pools and lush gardens.

The open, often rectangular floor plans of big luxury home in the Mediterranean style allow for easy and casual circulation between rooms inside and gardens outdoors and are designed to keep homes in warmer climates cool and casual.

More modern Mediterranean home plans feature many of the same design motifs, like arches and elegant masonry, but the decorative elements are often more streamlined, making them look more current and updated. They also cater to an indoor-outdoor living style, with open floor plans and large amounts of glass.

Big luxury homes in the Mediterranean modern style often feature soaring ceilings, casitas, interior balconies, and many rooms to create the feel of living in a resort.

Mediterranean modern homes are great for vacation homes or private residences, and custom designed homes let you make them as casual or extravagant as you want. Ask your new custom homes builder if you can incorporate the Mediterranean style into your dream home!

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