Renovating a Bathroom for the Elderly

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Bathroom safety for seniors is a very important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a bathroom or renovating a bathroom. Seniors need grab bars to hang onto. When purchasing bathroom equipment for seniors you may want to purchase handicapped showers or walk in bath tubs. This will make it easier for seniors to shower without slipping and falling. You can renovate a bathroom and keep bathroom safety for seniors in mind with the types of products you purchase.

Toilets are another thing than one should keep in mind when thinking about bathroom safety for seniors. Toilets must be 17 inches tall at least with grab bars on either side to help with standing and sitting. High efficiency toilets combine using the minimum amount of water with a maximum flushing power. Thomas MacAvity Stewart of Saint John, New Brunswick patented the first vortex-flushing toilet bowl in 1907. It created a self cleansing effect.

Bathroom safety for seniors may include a pressure assisted toilet. Pressure assisted toilets seem more expensive than gravity toilets. However, they do a better job at removing waste from the bowl and use less water in the meantime. Pressurized toilets have an inner tank as well as the standard outer tank. The inner tank is completely sealed. When water comes from the water line, the air inside the tank compresses. Then, when the toilet is flushed, instead of of the water falling by the force of gravity, the water is forced out with the pressure of compressed air.

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