Are You Putting Up a Fence?

Chain link fence specifications

There’s no better time to focus on your yard than the summer. You can get rid of weeds, prune the bushes, add some color to your flower garden, and manicure your lawn to perfection.

But that’s not the only way to get a great looking yard. You could also try installing a fence. Custom fencing can up your yard’s appeal significantly, giving it a more regal look.

Here are some residential fencing ideas to consider.

  • Vinyl. With a vinyl fence, you will probably be dealing with a more practical option. Fence designs using vinyl have come a long way since the drab beige colors that used to be the standard. You can now find ones that mimic the stain and look of a wooden fence, but also have the convenience of more durability and resistance to stain.
  • Concrete. Don’t think of a sidewalk, the basement of a building, or slabs of gray around your yard. You may not realize that concrete can actually be much more versatile — you can use colored concrete chips to create a design, shape the concrete into different pillars and more visually appealing structures, and also be as innovative as you could be with any other type of fence.
  • Stone. This may be your most decorative option. You can choose from dozens of types of stones, and have them laid out based on pictures of modern fences you find online or magazines. You can have them be symmetrical, asymmetrical, jutting out, or perfectly in line. Your fence could essentially end up looking like something out of Better Homes and Gardens.

These are only a few of the many residential fencing ideas out there
, so do some research and come up with a handful of options. If you choose your fence carefully, it could end up being the focal point of your entire neighborhood.

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