Three Surprising Causes of Home Damages

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Is your home at risk? Too many Americans believe water damage — and other structural damages — are only possible in flood affected areas. This simply is not<.em> true. Water damage and home structural failures can happen to anyone, and — without some precaution and awareness — it is highly likely that they will. What are some of the lesser known (and sometimes even wacky) causes of home damages?

Yes, That Leaky Ice Maker Is A Problem!

You may want to be careful about ignoring small problems and leaks in your home. Why? According to water damage experts, 80% of water damage restoration or water damage repair could have been avoided. After a few months of ignoring a leaky ice maker, one “customer came downstairs in the morning to find that the back corner of the refrigerator had fallen through the floor,” MSN Living warns. Watch out for malfunctioning appliances (including washers, dish washers, ice makers, and any holes or loose connections in appliance hoses), cracks in foundation, and unsealed wooden decks.

Strange Noises In The Basement And/or Attic Explained

The strange noises in the basement and attic at night may have surprising origins. When water seeps in foundation’s and/or home’s wood, it will expand and contract with extreme temperature shifts, sometimes resulting in some pretty loud noises. “It woke me up, it sounded like somebody threw something against the side of the house, up in our bedroom,” Wisconsin homeowner, Wendy Cline, explains. Some even mistake the noises for rodents, animals, or intruders.

Sometimes, You Need a Fence

Once in a while, water may be the least of your worries. Remember, just about anything can happen, and it’s best to be prepared. One Missouri woman learned that the hard way, after a wild turkey tore through her home’s siding and continued wreaking havoc inside. Be prepared for water damage, but — to be safe — you may want to invest in a fence, too.

Flood affected areas are not the only locations under the treat of water damages. Water damage can easily result from relatively small leaks around the home, clogged gutters, or cracks in the foundation. More info like this:

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