From Cleaning to Upcycling Four Green Product Categories that are Must-Haves for the Home

Recycle ideas for the home

Have you had the urge to try going green? Are you trying to reduce your family’s contribution to land pollution by recycling at home and using other good tips for litter prevention? In addition to reusing or reducing the amount you throw away, you may also want to use green products for your home to keep it environmental. If you already know the importance of recycling, but you want to know how else you can reduce your carbon footprint, here are some great green products that are sure to make a positive impact in and around your home:

    1. Energy Efficient Appliances: When you shop for electronics in the United States, you may have seen a small star logo bearing the name “Energy Star.” Not only will you save money on your energy bills if you use these appliances and electronics, but you can also get a tax credit from the government when you make the switch. Energy saving and cooling/heating cost savings can make a big differences when you pay your utility bills and property taxes.

    2. Green Cleaners: Cleaning you home no longer means having to use harsh chemicals. Some of the easiest green products to find include environmentally friendly household cleaners that don’t rely on bleach and other harsh substances. Sometimes, nature can do the best job cleaning. Other items to look out for include green car care products, biodegradable shampoos and body cleansers, and other natural soaps that won’t dump chemicals into our water supply.

    3. Reusable Grocery Bags: If you’ve been to your supermarket recently, you know how popular these items are. With so much plastic — especially from plastic bags — winding up in our oceans and landfills, this creates a big problem for wildlife. Using a reusable shopping bag, which can be purchased at your supermarket or with other green retailers, can significantly reduce the amount of plastic getting sent to landfills.

    4. “Upcycled” Decor: From door mats made out of recycled tires to “found” objects to make pieces of art, there are plenty of green ways to decorate your home. Some green decor items can even have a purpose around the home, like using products made from natural sources rather than produced in air polluting plastic factories. Even candles made from substances like beeswax and handbags made from recycled seat belts and packages are great green solutions for style.

Have more ways to go green at home? Want advice on green products for your house? Be sure to leave a comment below with suggestions and requests! More like this:

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