Five Big Advantages That New Commercial Entrance Doors Can Bring to Your Business

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If you run a business, you may not realize how much your doors can matter. In addition to providing a welcoming appearance for all employees, customers, and clients, your doors also ensure that your employees are safe and your assets are secure. Whether you need a replacement for broken or cracked glass doors, or if you require a whole new system for your commercial entrance doors, it’s important to make sure that the entryway to your business has the correct doors.

Not sure why you should install new commercial entrance doors? Here are some big advantages that new front door installation can bring to your business:

1. Appearance: On the surface, looks are the biggest advantage to new commercial entrance doors, even though there are more reasons for an installation. New doors, in some cases, can mean a whole face lift for your building. Also, replacing old, rusted doors can sometimes be much cheaper and easier than trying to get them repaired or restored. There are plenty of shapes, sizes, and styles available both standard and custom made, so there is sure to be an option that fits your business’s aesthetics.

2. Efficiency: If your older doors have old glass, now is a good time to upgrade. Newer glass doors can provide better better protection from UV rays and solar glare, and they may also keep your business warmer in the cold months and cooler during the summer. With better insulation, of course, comes lower utility bills — something any business owner can appreciate.

3. Accessibility: Millions of Americans have disabilities ranging from mobility issues to impairments with sight or motor skills. As a result, the Americans with Disabilities Act helps to ensure that businesses and other institutions are available to all Americans. If your business doesn’t have automatic sliding glass doors or an automatic swing door, you may be violating building regulations and even losing valuable business opportunities. Make sure that your facility is equipped with doors that allow access to all clientele.

4. Safety: Having new entry doors installed can provide added safety to your building and your employees. Sometimes, the glass in commercial entrance doors can be a hazard, especially if it breaks easily or is not shatter-proof. This can be especially dangerous in the event of inclement weather or attempted burglaries where customers and employees may be present. Other times, heavy or cumbersome doors can create a serious disadvantage for those who can’t open them easily, and this can even lead to injuries, opening you up for a costly lawsuit. Safe, easy to use doors are essential for any business.

5. Security: With the security systems, locks, and other measures available on new entry doors, protecting your livelihood is easy. Secured doors that only open for those with access are essential for institutions where resources may be easily stolen or compromised. Additionally, some businesses can have roll up security shutters installed over doors for an added level of protection.

Whether you need new automatic door systems for accessibility, or you are seeking a completely redesigned facade for the front of your building, there are plenty of great reasons to upgrade your business’s commercial entry doors. If you have any concerns, be sure to speak to a window and door expert or leave questions and comments below. More like this blog.

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