Three Things to Know Before You Choose Exterior Shutters

Plantation shutters

Wooden plantation shutters look great indoors, but did you know that they can also look great on the outside of your home, or in an outdoor living space? Outdoor plantation shutters are generally little different from most interior shutters, but there are still some key differences, and things you should know. If you are looking to revitalize your outdoor window treatments, then here are three important considerations.

  • Exterior plantation shutters can and should offer a little more protection.
  • Many companies advertise that their wooden shutters can be used both outdoors and indoors, but that does not mean that all shutters are created equally. For one, look for narrow louvers on your outdoor plantation shutters so that you have better control over how much wind and rain get through to your windows or outdoor space. Narrow louvers can also provide more security and privacy. Also, if you choose wooden shutters, opt for red cedar as it is naturally resistant to decay. Choosing cedar or pine means that you will have superior weathering properties, but it is important to check with the company to see which woods they have available, and which will be most appropriate for your particular climate.

  • Learn how to install plantation shutters.
  • The first thing you should do is get an understanding of the different plantation shutter parts. The louvers, which are also known as blades, or slats, are what control the light and privacy. The top and bottom rails, which are the un-movable portions of the shutter panel, connect the louvers to the the shutter frames. The frames are what gets mounted to your window. You may also have a shutter divide, or mid rail depending on the design of your outdoor plantation shutters. The next thing that you will need are the instructions that came with your shutter. Depending on where you ordered your shutters from, you may have to assemble them, position the frame, hang the panels, adjust hinges, and put finishing touches on the whole job. With most assemblies you will not need more than a screwdriver or a hammer to complete it.

  • Half height, double hung, or full height?
  • You have several options when it comes to outdoor plantation shutters. The half height shutters are sometimes also known as cafe style, and they cover just the lower portion of a window. This style is more common for interior shutters. Double hung shutters are divided horizontally so that you can choose to leave them closed, to have your window fully shuttered, or open up the top tier for a cafe style look. The more common shutter style for outdoor uses is the full height shutter, which covers more surface area, and offers light and privacy control with just the adjustment of the louvers as opposed to opening or closing the entire shutter itself.

Outdoor plantation shutters are perfect for any three season room, or even just for adding curb appeal in the form of outdoor window treatments. You can rely on the expertise of the company that you are using to help you select a wood type, and a style. The company may send you shutters ready to install, or offer installation services. Remember to select a wood that is appropriate for your climate, and a style that meets your privacy and light control needs.

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