Finding Ceramic Planter Solutions to Green Space Problems

Commercial outdoor planters

Having seen successes in turning open spaces more green, such as the “Reclaiming the Highline” and more generally the “Reclaim Public Spaces,” initiatives in New York City, many are looking to redevelop the natural potential around them. By now you may have caught yourself inspecting the pathway out to your garden pondering options, or sitting, wondering why there are no large round planters perfect enough to fix up that dank corner of the home no one sits in.
In fact there are large round planters to accommodate that corner, and even greater options for your outdoor spaces. The trick is in finding them.

So, with an emphasis on where to find those perfectly large round planters and keeping your green aspirations hassle free here are some keys worth considering.

Firstly, large round planters can come in many shapes and even extra-large sizes and are generally made of a resin polymer or clay, which as you are looking may also be listed as terra. Fun fact: the best large clay planters and even large resin planters can withstand the stress of architectural materials such as concrete, to a degree of course – these are planters not pillars after all.

Large round planters often give way to degradation caused by climate. Ultimately any non-resin large round planter will have some corrosion. But there are ways around this. In order to combat the affects of climate be sure that the planter you choose is made by a company guaranteeing the longevity of its product against the weather variations in your climate.

Although there are innumerable variations to the Joe Schmo large round planter, you may find yourself still wanting more. In this case it is possible to find a company that provides custom services from fabrication to finish. These companies are out there.

Larger beautification ambitions for improving not just a yard but a street-scape can also be met. Without rivaling the Chelsea Highline, which took nearly a decade to finish, it is possible to find extremely large round planters to add character to plots of land either between divided streets, lanes or at green-space roundabouts and to act as barriers between street and sidewalk traffic. Projects such as this may take a bit of development with a city planter who can help find the best option for your area.

Again, while considering the placement of your large round planter investment, it is important to treat it as such, because you will want a product that will last. If you will be putting the planter outside, be sure to note whether or not your climate gives way to harsh winters, or may be close enough to saltwater that salt in the air will damage your planters. If this is the case, simply look up company that makes the planter you are looking for in a nonporous material complete with a protective finish to increase the lifespan of your planter.

With these tips you will soon find yourself on the way to reclaiming a public, or even private space, of your own with a large round planter success story.

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