Are You Thinking of Upgrading Your Dining Room?

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James Beard wrote that “food is our common ground, a universal experience”. We use food to make us feel better about everything. What do we do after a funeral? We invite everyone to a gathering with delicious noshes. Following a wedding, we come together for succulent food and great wine. Food does, indeed, bond us universally.

According to the Huffington Post, 28% of Americans cannot cook. However, that does not stop 78% of American households, according to the New York Times, from cooking dinner at least five nights out of the week. If you love to cook for your family or host dinner parties for your friends, you need a place to sit that compliments the meal. Here are four ways to upgrade your dining room so that you can feast with all your senses.

  • Declutter
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    Nobody likes having to wade through clutter. As Red Lotus Letter writes, cleaning up all rooms, dining rooms included, is crucial to bringing a more open, more energetic feel to your home. Dining room buffets can give you an easy, practical way to do just that.

    Imagine, you are having 10 guests over for dinner. The dining room table is full of your guests’ plates, wine bottles, and the like. Where can you put the food so your guests can easily get to it? On the surface of your dining room buffets. Not only do dining room buffets serve as a great serving surface, but they also provide cabinets for storage of platters, dishware, and other dining items.

  • Embrace the Light
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    Decluttering your dining room is just the first step. SF Gate writes that positioning your dining room lighting, whether you use dining room ceiling lights or freestanding solutions, and adjusting their “warmth” is key to a comfortable dining experience. For instance, using bright, full-spectrum light makes your small dining room look larger. Toning down the brightness of your lighting can add a warmer, more relaxed feel to the space. Using dining room drapes is a great way to manage your light so that everyone can stay comfortable while enjoying the delicious meal.

  • Improve and Protect Your Floors
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    One of the most noticeable ways to improve your eating area is through the use of discount hardwood flooring. You can get that incredible, classy look of hardwood at lower costs. However, even when paying discount prices, you will want to protect your investment. High quality, beautifully colored dining room area rugs can help you do just that while bringing a splash of elegance to the room.

  • Time for a New Color
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    SheKnows Home and Garden recommends you pay close attention to the colors you use in your dining room. After all, different colors evoke different emotions and comfort levels. Earth tones, browns and deep greens, naturally bring about a feeling of comfort and warmth. Reds and oranges are thought to increase the appetite and improve the energy of the room. Subsequently, these are all great color options for paint, accessories, and everyday flatware in the dining area.

If you want to improve your dining room, keep these four practical tips in mind. Using dining room buffets can cut your clutter and act as a serving surface, with lighting adding to the comfort of the experience. By utilizing hardwood flooring, area rugs, and the power of color, you can add visual enjoyment to your dining experience. Now get to it! Good luck!

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