With Veneer Edgebanding, You are in Control of Your Project

Veneer edgebanding

Plywood is a wonderful material to build with because it is amiable and flexible, but, because it is a sheet good, it is not always edged off in the way one wants. That hardwood lumber style, however, can still be achieved through veneer edgebanding. Wood veneer sheets are a practical, inexpensive way to put those final touches on your wood project. With a furniture grade wood veneer, you are allowed the endless capabilities of plywood building, as well as the rustic look of hardwood lumber. The use of veneer edgebanding and real wood veneer sheets are just one of the many tricks of the trade I have picked up over the years as a carpenter.

veneer edgebanding, or melamine edgebanding (depending on preference) is the perfect way to edge your projects off, while making them look elegant, natural and timeless. If you like, iron on wood veneer sheets can be applied to create a different look; it all just depends on what it is you are going for. You are the builder after all, you are in control. With veneer edgebanding, you dont have to let anything get in your way. Your edging problem can be fixed with a quick trip to the hardware store.

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