What is an effective emerald ash borer treatment

How to treat emerald ash borer

Emerald ash borer is a type of beetle that is metallic green in color, has a flat back and round underside. It is about a third of an inch in length and sixteenth of an inch wide. Emerald ash borer are most common in the months of May to July. It is during this time that they damage ash trees in different places across the country. The symptoms of infestation include D shaped holes in the trunk and bark of the trees, holes caused by woodpeckers, wilting and thinning of leaves. Since the early 2000, millions of ash tree have been destroyed by the emerald ash tree borer. Since then, their infestation increased quite significantly. At present they remain to be one of the biggest problems in the environment, particularly in the many urban forests across the country. This is the reason why it is important to find an effective emerald ash borer treatment.

One of the most common beliefs when it comes to emerald ash borer treatment is to cut the infected trees. Such belief however is not true. In fact, cutting trees is not an effective emerald ash borer control because their rate of infestation is so fast that even when you cut the trees that are infected, it has very little effect. Many who have done this method of ash borer control soon found that in a few years, all the trees in the area are already infested. Cutting the trees that are infested has very little or no effect on their infestation. At the same time, cutting down trees has negative consequences to the environment, such as flooding. Cutting down infested trees is definitely not an ash borer treatment.

The right emerald ash borer treatment is therefore one that does not require destroying trees. Chemical emerald ash borer treatment is one of the most effective treatments for emerald ash borer infestation in the market today. The chemical emerald ash borer treatment may be a bit expensive compared to the other chemical treatments used in other types of infestations but it is the preferred emerald ash borer treatment by many communities that are facing such problem. This is because for many of these communities the effect of losing part of their forest or parks has even greater consequences, from the financial cost of losing the trees to environmental cost and other consequences. Moreover, the chemical emerald ash borer treatment is best for many of the communities that have different levels and types of infestation. In some communities, infestations vary from severe to mild, depending on the volume of the trees and other factors. They therefore need an effective treatment that can solve all levels of infestation. Taking all these into consideration, the emerald ash borer treatment is therefore a good investment for these communities.

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