Natural Lawn Care Gives Homeowners a True Edge

The beauty of your lawn can help to enhance the beauty of your home. It serves as an excellent boost to your curb appeal and when you have your lawn care done right, it could attract potential buyers. Your local landscape supply stores can assist in guiding you with any queries you might have on how to take care of your lawn by yourself.

Lovely lawns are always admired whether your guests are visiting, whether it’s you are relaxing and enjoying your beautiful garden, or there’s a potential buyer. Local gardening services can help you improve your lawn care and like the upkeep of the rest of the garden, pruning, mulching, and gutting the grass to name a few. While not all gardening and landscaping are okay to do while it rains, you can check with the local gardening service what lawn service rain policy applies to them.

According to Bankrate, you can boost your home’s property value by 10-20% by improving the landscaping. It gives potential buyers the idea that you truly care about your home, and that the interior is as well-maintained as the exterior. Are you ready to enjoy a beautifully cared-for garden? Get the help you need from the professionals today.

Dog friendly lawn care

America is the land of many things, and for many Americans, it is the land of the yard. There is a reason that Americans moved in droves outside of cities in the early 20th century: land. Having your own house and your own piece of land is still an important part of the American dream for many people, even if that piece of land only amounts to a small yard.

People with yards do what they can to take care of them. Most people do, anyway. Eighty-three percent of Americans polled believe that having a yard is important and of those with a yard, 90% think it should be well maintained. What the use of having a yard if you can’t use it? That’s what most people believe.

Having a lawn in that yard is something that most Americans want and they take great care to see their grass grow full and vibrant. Natural lawn care is becoming more and more prevalent in our country, and great expense is paid to maintain a healthy and natural lawn.

In addition to natural lawn care, homeowners invest heavily in other ways to make their yards beautiful and geographically specific. Many people add plants to their yards, and of those that do, 92% of them choose plants that are indigenous to their region.

Homeowners have become quite wise in recent years when it comes to their landscaping. They know that a little investment can go a long way. Good landscaping can raise the value of a property by as much as 12% straight away. It can also increase the resale value by 14% or more, depending on where the property is located. Landscaping has become one of the smartest investments in home ownership. If homeowners spend 5% of their home’s value on landscaping, they can expect to see up to a 150% return on that investment.

There are many different types of landscaping options, depending on the region of the country. What most concerns landscapers today is being able to deliver environmentally friendly lawncare and landscaping that will enhance the already natural surroundings of the home.

Family friendly lawncare can be a high priority for people with children while pet friendly lawncare takes into account the types of pets that the yards are being designed for. For example, dog friendly lawncare is a design that allows dogs to be dogs while still keeping the owner’s yard in the best possible shape. Certain types of grass and where to place it as well as barriers for the dog are planned with great care and attention to details.

Natural lawn care is also eco friendly lawn care. Landscaping that is environmentally sound in design and upkeep is good for everyone. Homeowners get their lovely manicured yards and the community can breathe easily knowing that the home with the beautiful landscaping is going to last for a long time, looking as beautiful as can be.

If you’ve ever heard of the term curb appeal, then you already know what landscaping can do for your home. When asked what sellers could do to improve the value of their homes, 97% of real estate agents said that landscaping was a top five home improvement recommendation. These agents polled have found that sellers can expect up to a 215% return on investment.

Landscaping has surely become very important in adding value to homes but it has also developed into a means by which yards are made accessible for children, pets, and adults to enjoy. Why have a beautiful yard if you can’t enjoy it?

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