Dear Air Conditioners What Would We Do Without You?

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Do you have trouble imagining what your life would be like without air conditioning? You are not the only one. For millennia, people have tried to find ways to control and regulate temperature. Even the Roman Emperor, Elagabalus, sent 1,000 slaves to the mountains to collect snow for his gardens during a hot summer in the 3rd Century. We definitely do not still use snow to water our gardens or to cool ourselves, but we do try to install the best HVAC units to maintain optimal temperatures in our house.

HVAC, which stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, is a system that helps to promote good indoor air quality by providing adequate ventilation, and comfortable thermal temperatures. A typical residential HVAC system is made up an air filter, air conditioning coils, and air ducts for ventilation, among several other mechanical parts.

Perhaps the most important part of having an HVAC system is making sure that you invest in HVAC cleaning at least once a year. Because the air filter also collects dusts and allergens as it cools the air, these particles can clog the filter, causing poor air quality. This is why many air conditioning companies recommend that you change your air filter every few months. If you have asthma or other breathing problems, it can be critical for you to change the air filter regularly.

In addition to allowing impure air into your home, a poorly maintained air conditioner can waste a lot of energy and electricity. In the commercial sector, HVAC systems consume about 40%-60% of its total energy use. For this reason, many commercial buildings, and residential homes purchase the newest, most energy-efficient HVAC systems on the market. These modern units save money in the long run, and shave valuable dollars off energy costs.

By scheduling frequent HVAC cleanings, you can avoid needing to replace AC coils that could be damaged from a contaminated filter. You will then be able to enjoy the benefits of cool, clean, fresh air any time of the year.

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