3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Might Not Be Turning On

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No, you’re not going crazy. If your residential HVAC system won’t turn on, and start cooling your home, there’s probably a very good reason. In fact, there might be many, very good reasons. Here are just a few of the most common ones air conditioning companies see.

No Maintenance Has Been Performed. One of the main reasons why residential HVAC units tend to fail is because their owners don’t take care of them. Dirty filters and air conditioning coils reduce efficiency, and could lead to a breakdown.

The Sensor Is Having Issues. There might also be an issue with your sensor. In order to provide thermal comfort, air conditioners use a thermostat sensor behind their control panels to measure the temperature of the air entering its evaporator coil. Should anything happen to this sensor, there’s obviously going to be problems. It might have been knocked out of alignment, which can lead to the residential HVAC unit cycling on and off far too frequently. It might not even be touching the coil anymore, which, again, is going to cause issues.

Its Electrical Controls Could Be Failing. Like most things in life, air conditioners will wear out after years and years of use. A belt might break. The compressor might wear out. The wires and terminals might get corroded. A lot can happen. It’s in these situations that there’s a very real problem with your air conditioning unit.

If one of these problem is keeping you from cooling your home, let the residential HVAC pros replace AC coils in your unit, or change the HVAC air filters. After all, they’re the ones who fixing air conditioners for a living.
If you have any questions about why your residential HVAC unit might not turn on, feel free to share in the comments.

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