3 Designs for Kitchen Cabinets


If you’re looking to upgrade your interior space, whether it be your home or your apartment, getting new cabinets can totally help. You can choose a different cabinet design for a whole new look and feel! Just like a fresh coat of paint or a new wallpaper design can transform a home, so can something as simple as switching out a cabinet design.

If you need some inspiration for different cabinet design ideas and styles, read the following ideas. You might just find the perfect one for your dream home! Kitchen cabinets are great for storing some of our favorite pieces of dinnerware, and perhaps other kitchen accents that were passed down through generations.

1. Patterned cabinets

This kitschy idea can totally transform any kind of kitchen and really pairs well with minimal furniture. It makes a room pop and creates a sharp contrast to an otherwise neutral space. Patterned cabinets can range from checkered, crosshatched or even frosted designs. Cabinets that have glass panels in them allow for you to display some of your favorite china and kitchen accents. You can store the wine glasses you got as a housewarming gift in the cabinets, or maybe the fine china set that your mother passed down to you that has been in the family for years.

2. Go for a sleek, minimal look

Want something a little less ornamental? Stick with an overall minimal theme and maybe mix two or three colors together. You can choose white, black, and silver, or white, black, and something bright, like red! That pop of color will really transform a room, especially your kitchen. Just like changing the carpet color or countertops, just one small change can affect a whole room (positively!).

3. Rustic and natural looks

Another interesting design for kitchen cabinets it to go for a rustic cabinet design. White cabinets mixed with stainless steel appliances (especially rose gold!) can give off a unique look! “Rustic” designs are meant to focus on natural and unrefined decor, which means a lot of wood and “industrial” looking accents. Stainless steel appliances mixed with wood and other natural accents can definitely transform a kitchen!

Do you have any more ideas for kitchen cabinet designs? Share them in the comments below!

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