Looking Behind The Importance Of The Generator

All too often, the power goes out. As a matter of fact, power outages have been on the rise for quite some time now, especially here in the United States. In fact, the first half of the year of 2014 alone brought with up more than 130 reported grid outages all throughout the country. In addition to this, the total amount of grid outages has increased by more than 285% over the past few decades, since particularly the year of 1984, when such data was first being collected on power outages and blackouts. Ultimately, the rate of power outages is only on the rise – even since the not so far off year of 2014, only a few years in the past as of the current date.

And there is unfortunately no doubt that these power outages are taking their toll. Even for the average family, a long power outage could be detrimental to their financial standing. This is due to the fact that food in refrigerators and freezers will spoil after four hours of not being cooled or kept frozen. If the power stays

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