When Was the Last Time Your HVAC Unit Was Serviced?

If you are having trouble with your old heating and cooling system or you want to upgrade to something nicer and more efficient, it is time to call your local HVAC company. Speaking with the local pros is the fastest and easiest way to get heating and air conditioning installations taken care of. Upgrading to … Read moreWhen Was the Last Time Your HVAC Unit Was Serviced?

Working with the Heating System

The heating and cooling system of any home is an important part of not only the comfort of the occupants, but also for saving electricity every year. A properly working HVAC system or heating service will run smoothly and keep the electric bills under control, and will keep the home’s temperature steady during all times of the year. But when there are problems, such as clogged blower fans, torn air ducts, or simply a very outdated system, the electric bill will be much higher, and the home or commercial building may not reach the proper temperature most of the time. What are some of the most common issues of a heating and cooling system in a home or public building today, and when is it time to call an HVAC contractor? And how does heating maintenance tie into the electric bill?


Proper heating maintenance is an issue not only of keeping the system working well, but saving money on the electric bill every month and every year. Why is this? Even when a heating or c

Read moreWorking with the Heating System

Five Tips To Keep Down Air Conditioning Costs

Air conditioning accounts for roughly 5% of all electricity use in the United States, with a price tag of approximately $11 billion. That figure does not include the even more costly bill for AC repair or replacement. The five tips for keeping your air conditioner running efficiently will help to keep down the monthly bill … Read moreFive Tips To Keep Down Air Conditioning Costs

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