I Need To Find Hurricane Resistant Wholesale Windows Near Me What Grading System Should I Use?

All it takes is one storm to completely overturn a house.

The United States sees powerful storms, hurricanes, and flooding occurring every single year. It’s through the ingenuity and hard work of today’s manufacturers are homeowners able to push back. When you search for ‘wholesale windows near me’, you need more than just a polished sheen. You need to know what materials to look for when choosing hurricane proof windows. They need to be able to withstand impact, adjust to pressure, and hold strong against wind or projectiles.

Learn more about the glass door system by reading below. Weather may be unpredictable, but a little preparation goes a long way.

The Definition Of Hurricanes And The Damage They Leave

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the options on display. You want to make sure you’re providing your clients with the very best in window manufacturing, not cutting corners and hoping for the best. A single hurricane has the ability to stir up millions of miles of air and dump two and a half trillion gallons of rain per day. The 20th century saw over 155 hurricanes hitting the United States. Most of these hit Florida, with Texas coming in at a close second.

The Aftermath Of A Heavy Storm Or Hurricane

You want to make sure homeowners aren’t left picking up the pieces after a bad storm. With the right wholesale windows and doors, everyone will walk away with their head held high. The most common issues homeowners deal with concerning storms are flooding, mold build-up, damaged windows, damaged doors, and broken roofs. It’s also not uncommon for hurricanes to spawn tornadoes. Hurricane Andrew, back in 1992, spawned over 60 tornadoes.

The Worst Storms Seen In American History

Several storms have been recorded in history for their sheer scope. Hurricane Irma is one of the most well-known, damaging 90% of the buildings cross Barbuda and leaving 60% of the population homeless. The storm held seven trillion watts of energy, which is twice as much as all the bombs used in World War II. The year 2017 alone spawned 10 severe storms that became hurricanes, a feat that hasn’t happened since the late 1800’s. Staying prepared is as simple as looking for the right ‘wholesale windows near me’.

The Basics Of The Glass Door Grading System

Not just any windows or doors will do. Wholesale windows and doors designed for storms are made of an even finer quality, designed to withstand pressure differentials and stand strong against thrown projectiles. Window and door systems that have an impact-resistant glazing system of +105/-130 are able to hold up to hurricane winds that travel more than 100 MPH. You should be closely following local state laws when choosing supplies. Condos in Florida, for example, are required to undergo public inspection every 40 years.

Important Questions To Ask Your Door And Windows Manufacturer

You know you need to find ‘wholesale windows near me’. You’re also concerned about your windows and doors’ ability to withstand the fiercest storms to arrive on American shores. Impact window manufacturers have both the experience and the tools needed to keep those fears at bay. Ask them about the local Florida building code and what they’ve done to adapt to worsening weather. Talk about your clients’ biggest concerns and what they can expect when having their windows or doors installed.

Push back against the storm. Invest in sliding glass door manufacturers that prioritize durability first.

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