How To Install Stick On Wood Panels Without Damaging The Drywall Underneath!

Stick on wood panels can completely change the way a room looks. Shiplap planks that are installed either as an accent wall, or as an entire room, can transform your space from lifeless to chic in no time flat. The good news is that with peel and stick paneling this entire job can be completed on your own! No near to hire a contractor or a professional designer, as the job doesn’t require any hammering, industrial glues, or construction know how. However, some stick on wood panels are designed to be permanent, and as such can cause damage to walls if you ever decide to try and peel them back off. If you want to install these shiplap panels, but don’t want to risk damage if you ever decide to switch up your walls again, here is what you need to do.

Using Hardboard Under Stick On Wood Panels

Most home improvement stores sell hardboard for as little as twenty bucks. Using this can help give you piece of mind that you can always remove your panels in the future if you need to. This can be exceptional beneficial if you’re renting a home. These hardboard panels allow for an easy installation and a seamless removal as well without worry of permanent or expensive damage.

  • Measure. Take measurements of where you want your planks to go. With these dimensions purchase the amount of hard board that you’ll need. These are inexpensive and lightweight, so you will have no difficulty transporting and cutting them. Once you have them at home, cut them to meet the sizes that you need.
  • Installation. Once cut to fit you can install the hardboard with drywall screws or small finishing nails. Simply space the nails along the perimeter to ensure it is secured all the way around.

Once the hardboard is installed you can begin placing your stick on wood panels with ease.

Installing The Stick On Wood Panels

Before you begin installation it’s a good idea to lay them out on the floor in the design that you want. If you’re looking to stagger the panels, make sure end pieces are cut accordingly. Once the pattern is laid out, simply peel and stick the pieces to the wall in the fashion you would like.

If you’re not filling up an entire wall, or only going halfway up, you can also look into getting trim pieces to help transition the panels into the drywall upper space. These caps can be easily installed with a nail gun; however, they aren’t necessary if you like the look of the typical transition. Overall, depending on how many walls you are doing, this job can be completed in a single day, especially if you have help from a friend.

If you’re looking for a way to completely transform your home, stick on wood panels could be exactly what you need. A new coat of paint is great, but shiplap can bring a whole new personality and feeling to your home that will leave guests in awe. And, with these stick on panels, installing them has never been easier.

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