Designing a Pet Friendly Home Can Help Pets and Owners be Happy

Leash laws exist for a reason. From the front of a yard without a fence to a park behind the house, it is always important for owners to make sure that they are looking out for their pets. Dogs are easily distracted and are often eager to chase a rabbit running through the yard, a child playing on a playground, or a cat that is running down the street. With the right kind of leash, however, a dog owner can train a dog to stay where it is safe.

In the home, when a leash is not needed, home owners still have a responsibility to properly train a pet. Just as you hav some house rules for the humans you love in your home, there are also rules that pets must follow. From training a dog to stay on the bamboo hardwood flooring instead of furniture, for instance, a pet owner can have a happy furry friend and an easier to clean home.

Americans love their pets. Both cat and dog owners, in fact, often treat their animals as if they are actual family members: talking to them about the plans for the day, celebrating birthdays, and leaving television on for them when they are left home alone.
Do you treat your pets as if they are your BEST FRIENDS?

  • Buying a pet a birthday present or providing their favorite treats in the morning is one way that owners can make sure that a cat or a dog will feel welcome in a home.
  • Every time a pet owners invests in the training of a pet can help make sure that pet will behave in the house when the owner is away.
  • Sinlge parents are often really excited about making sure that there is a pet in the house to keep the place so that it does not feel so lonely.
  • Th kind of flooring that you select in your home can also create a more friendly environment. Tearing out carpet and learning how to install bamboo flooring or other easy to clean option can make for a more pet friendly environment.

  • Fur babies are the things that make people who live alone not feel so lonely.
  • Really well behaved pets can be in a house even when the owners are away from home.
  • Instead of letting a pet have the run of the house when they are away, some pet owners limit a pet’s access to a large kennel or a certain room in the house.
  • Every pet that an owner brings into a home should understand that there is often an adjustment period that will be needed for a cat or dog to get acclimated.
  • New dog toys that give little puppies something to chew on instead of the owner’s shoes is always a good idea. In addition, car owners can provide actual scratching posts so that furniture is not destroyed.
  • Dogs, cats, and other animals that are kept in the house need to be up to date on all the recommended vaccinations.
  • Stay, sit, fetch are some of the most basic commands that owners want to make sure their favorite furry friends can respond to. The best owners also know establish pet boundaries in a home.

Whether you are training your dog to be out in public on a leash or you are learning how to install bamboo flooring, there are many ways that pet owners can create the best kind of environment. And just like our human children who we expect to behave whether they are at home or out in public, so too pet owners want to make sure that even their littlest of puppies start learning to behave in many environments. In your house, researching how to install bamboo flooring can be a great start to having a happy home. In fact, solid strand bamboo flooring is three times harder than oak flooring. Studies show infant that the majority of strand woven bamboo and eucalyptus lots fall in the 3,000 to 4,000 Janka range. For this reason learning how to install bamboo flooring may be an important step in making your pet welcome in your home. Engineered bamboo flooring pros and cons often have to do with home value, but they can also have to do with pets.

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