What Remodeling Project Are You Tackling This Summer?

The deck contractor put together the numbers for a new composite deck with aluminum railing. The new deck dimensions will be would be 16 foot by 16 foot with a 4 foot by 4 foot stair landing. According to the contractor you will have your choice of any stock composite decking, fascia, and riser boards. Details about what exactly each of these items are, the contractor will be happy to go over them again if needed.

After working the contractors about basement remodels last summer you are at least familiar with many of the steps that are involved in process. The basement remodel and the deck project both involve a consideration of structural and foundation work even though you really want to focus on the aesthetics of the choices that you want to make.

Both Interior and Exterior Remodeling Projects Add Value to Any Property

When it comes to the basement, for instance, you wanted to focus on the wall color and the furnishings that you would buy, but the all of the specifics about basement remodels were more concerned about making sure that all of the walls that were added would maintain the support walls, even if it meant having to keep the support poles that you would spend hours planning to conceal.

According to the deck contractors you would also be able to have a choice of the colors that you want to use for the aluminum railings. Both styles of railings are available in four different color options that are all in the black, tan, grey, and white range. Most of the railing options would have tow inch posts with caps and flares, although there is one railing would have three inch posts with caps and flares. The new deck form would be constructed using 2 foot by 10 foot Grade 1 treated pine with 16 foot planks on the center floor joists. The ledger board itself would be attached to the house using ledger locks, and ledger flashing would also be installed as a moisture barrier. In addition to the ledger board, the deck would also be supported by a total of four rough sawn 6 foot by 6 foot posts, three of which support the beam across the front of the deck and one to support the stair landing. Before the contractor can move forward he will put together a contract and get you on the schedule, and you have to sign off on all of these details.

This contracting company, like the basement remodels that you considered, offers a three year labor and workmanship warranty, along with a five year structural guarantee. In addition, the product warranties for the materials used come with 15 to 30 year warranties. Unlike the basement work that you have completed in the past, the deck work needs to be able to stand up to the extreme weather conditions that your area experiences. Fortunately, one of the neighbors has a very similar deck, and you were able to look at it after a recent hail storm. Although the contract itself was at times complicated, being able to see a deck from the same materials that withstood the marble size hail was a real comfort.

As one indicator of how significant the home remodeling industry is in the nation’s economy, the deck and patio construction industry has grown 3% over the last five years, reaching a revenue of $783 million in the year 2019. The entire remodeling industry, including basements and decks, is expected to continue to grow 2% annually through the year 2025.

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