Commercial and Residential Foundations Require Careful Soil Analysis

Soil analysis, clean up, and many other procedures will be needed as many states in the U.S. prepare to recover from the recent flooding at the end of the winter. In fact, commercial foundation repair services, as sell as residential foundation repair, drainage services, and soil analysis will all play important roles in the recovery process that will take months, if not years.

Foundation failures can cause significant amounts of damage, so it is important to get an expert evaluation after any significant flooding event. Knowing the status of a home or business foundation can help you make sure that you understand whether or not you need to make repairs or start again from scratch.

Different Parts of the Country Often Face Different Kinds of Foundation Problems

Although there are some parts of the country that frequently find themselves dealing with foundational problems caused by flooding, there are other parts of the nation where it is important to work on a soil analysis for different kinds of reasons. For instance, in places where earth quakes are more common, there are other reasons to make sure that you understand the content of the soil around your home. Earth quakes can also cause leaks from petroleum plants and other kinds of chemical concerns.

Other foundation concerns involve regional conditions. Most homes in Texas that were built less than 50 years ago, for instance, have a slab foundation. These foundations require special kinds of soil analysis to be certain that you have a surface that will provide the stabilization needed to last for years. Also in the state of Texas, the subfloor in a pier and beam foundation is at minimum, one half inch plywood, a material that must be able to support the entire house. In a pier and beam foundation, the home will have joists that are generally spaced approximately 18 inches from each other. In comparison, beams in a pier and beam foundation are typically spaced up to 12 feet apart.

With the use of the best soil analysis, property owners can be assured that their home construction will get off to the best start possible.

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