Bathroom Or Kitchen? Finding The Reigning Champion For Today’s Custom Home Builders

Custom home builders have a lot to look forward to over the next few years.

Just look at the growing interest in purchasing houses. No matter what demographic you’re looking at, you’ll regularly find a keen desire to become a homeowner. Actually finding the ideal home and purchasing it, however, is another matter entirely. Everyone’s operating on a budget and it’s this simple fact that’s been pushing custom home design to the forefront. Whether you want to appeal to the first-time home buyer or a couple that’s looking into their third house, you’ll want to keep reading.

Know which way the winds are blowing. Here’s what today’s contractors need to keep up with.

First-Time Home Buyers Are Becoming More Common

You’ll want to take down some notes on this one, because first-time home buyers are becoming more and more common these days. You have couples starting a family and wanting a place to raise their children. You have individuals who just want more space than their apartment can allow them. According to a recent study one-third of all home buyers these past few years are doing so for the first time. You’ll have to answer questions not just on future renovations, but interest rates and yearly maintenance.

The Remodeling Industry Is Doing Extremely Well

For those that want to know more about how the remodeling industry’s doing, you’re in luck. The past five years have seen remodeling in the United States growing an impressive 7%, reaching a revenue of $100 billion once 2018 ended. This same year saw a survey conducted to better analyze which area of the home, exactly, was getting the most love. Around 30% of respondents stated they planned on remodeling their bathroom, while another 25% said they wanted to focus on the kitchen. Last, but not least, another 30% said they were focusing on general home repairs.

Bathroom Renovations Remain The Number One Choice

When in doubt, just look at bathroom remodeling. This area of the home is considered a gold mine for the average contractor, due in no small part to its popularity and convenient size. Tweaking the shower backsplash design or adding a new cupboard doesn’t sound like much, but it does wonders to make a home more comfortable. It’s also a fantastic way to boost home value without going overboard on the budget. A survey on remodeling found 10% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 35 stating they renovate so they can feel more comfortable in their home as they get older.

Kitchen Renovations Are Still Nothing To Sneeze At

Think home addition renovations don’t have a lot of variety? Not so, according to recent data. While bathroom remodeling remains the reigning champion for custom home builders and customers, there’s still a lot of potential to find in the kitchen. Houzz released an interesting survey on the psychological impact of a roomier, more beautiful kitchen space, with one third of homeowners reporting they actually started leading a healthier lifestyle after renovating. Popular addition renovations include adding a kitchen island, adding new cupboards, or replacing broken tiles.

Custom Home Builders Have Plenty Of Niches To Choose From

There’s a lot of wonderful news circulating in the home remodeling industry. It’s all a matter of whittling your business down to a niche or two so you can bring your customers the very best in quality. Do you want to focus on helping first-time home buyers feel secure in their purchase? Would you rather turn to experienced homeowners so you can enjoy renovating kitchens and bathrooms? A recent study found 60% of today’s homeowners stating they plan on spending money to make their homes a little sweeter this year.

Whatever you choose to do, rest easy knowing custom home builders are good to go.

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