Building the Right Fence for the Home

For a modern home or a smaller commercial building, it may be the right call to have a fence installed, and a fence contractor can be hired locally to construct the right kind of fence for a property. A fence company may have the materials and skills for different materials such as wood, aluminum fencing, brick, and more, and a fence can also have entrance gates installed for a driveway or a walkway to the front door. Often, a fence is a part of a home’s landscaping, and it can also be very useful for privacy and security purposes as well. Landscaping refers to additions to a home’s front or back yard to make it more attractive and fun, anything from a flower garden or shrubs and trees all the way to a wooden deck, a swimming pool, and of course, fence installation by a fence contractor. Some homeowners will have the skills and tools to install a fence themselves, such as digging the fence post holes, but for the most part, interested customers can reach out to a fence contractor to have this landscaping put in place.

Why a Fence?

There are a few reasons why a homeowner will want to contact a fence contractor or a fence installation company and have such a thing set up on their property. Security may be one concern, such as in areas with crime or where stray dogs or animals often visit the property when the homeowner would rather not have that happen. Fences can be build around suburban or rural homes or around a public building’s campus to keep burglars from getting close, but some fence types are better than this for others. Chain-link fences, for example, are famously easy to climb, but the same will not be true of a tall wooden or brick fence. Security can be doubled with privacy where most fences are concerned; a homeowner can rest easy when they know that their fence blocks strangers from spying on them or worse, scouting out items to steal. A fence will block a stranger’s view of valuable items in a property such as patio furniture or a grill or a lawn mower, and fences may block the view of the home’s interior where valuables are kept. And finally, a fence can be useful for keeping dogs contained in a yard and fences can also be aesthetically pleasing on a lawn, such as the classic white picket fence.

The Right Materials

A fence contractor can install one of several different fence types based on what the owner want to have set up. For owners not too concerned about security, a simple chain link fence may be all that is needed, such as to keep dogs in the yard or stop stray dogs from getting close to the property. A chain link fence will not block anyone’s view on either side, and if a homeowner lives in an attractive area with great views, such a fence allows them to maintain that pleasant vista that a wooden fence would block.

Wooden fences are popular for a number of reasons, and are usually cheaper than brick ones. Such fences will block anyone’s view on either side, and they also keep dogs in th4e yard or keep stray animals out. The bonuses are that wooden fences will prevent burglars from seeing what is on a property, and a wooden fence is also difficult to climb if it is tall enough. Those who get a wooden fence, however, should make sure that th4e wooden support beams (which are often horizontal or at an angle) are on the inner facing side and not the outer one, because they make the fence easier to climb. People and animals on the outside should not have access to any handholds of any kind.

Finally, brick or stone fences are tough walls that definitely keep away dogs and people and are difficult to climb or damage, but they may cost more, and some local building codes or ordinance might actually forbid them, so homeowners should check the codes first. And no matter what fence type is acquired, a good, secure entrance gate should be installed and kept in good shape. Locks help keep out burglars on these gates.

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