Applying Bird Repellent Gel for Canada Geese

Some birds are more desirable than others based on their behavior, and as with other types of animals, some birds are either an invasive species, or they are simply so adaptable that they edge out many other similar species in an area. This can be disruptive to local wildlife populations and food chains, and it can also lead to inconvenience, hygiene issues, or even property damage or attacks on people and pets in some cases. Geese, for example, may form very large local populations that may drive away other, more desirable bird species and over-graze on local turf and other vegetation, which can be harmful to an environment. Nature conservation sometimes means dealing with a species that has gone out of control, and for this reason, bird repellent gel can be used in an area to drive away unwanted species to restore the natural balance. Goose repellent products can be purchased and used by private and commercial users alike, and bird repellent gel, among other methods, will get rid of harmful goose populations. How and why should this be done?

The Problem of Geese

Bird repellent gel may be used to get rid of geese because they are at best obnoxious to have around, and at worst can spread disease and damage wildlife. According to Wildlife Animal Control, Canada geese are problem because they will overgraze in an area and minimize the food sources for other bird populations, and when enough of them become settled in an area, they can be disruptive with their constant honking calls, which is a form of noise pollution, and they will also leave behind a lot of droppings in many areas that are unpleasant to see and are troublesome to get rid of. These geese also carry disease that can be transmitted when their droppings end up in water or in storm drains or elsewhere, and this can cause further harm to local wildlife. These geese may also be disruptive because they will settle anywhere where there is water or vegetation, even on golf courses as well as at public parks, and this can get in the way of human activity. Worst of all, these are territorial birds, and they are completely willing to attack people or pets who get close to them, which can result in injury due to their hard beaks and their strong winds and necks.

Generally, geese are migratory birds, but often, Canada geese populations will choose an area and stay there all year long, causing damage and inconvenience the entire time they stay there. Ever since the 1950s, the goose population across the United States has exploded, mainly because of increased landscaping practices, and Canada geese easily adapted to this landscaping and made use of all this ready-made terrain. Such geese are a problem, but there are ways to get rid of a local population of these birds.

Fend of Geese

Bird repellent gel can be purchased at retailers, and private citizens can use such gel on their front or back yard or other properties, while park managers and other public officials can buy large amounts of bird repellent gel to drive off large populations of geese in public parks, golf courses, and other areas where Canada geese are often found and cause the most harm. In addition to bird repellent gel, other geese control methods exist, such as abstaining from feeding them. After all, geese are easily domesticated and will eagerly learn to stay near human populations to get more food. For this reason, people are discouraged from feeding geese bread or corn or anything else, and other methods can also make an area less comfortable and welcoming for goose populations. A person can use an air horn to annoy them and drive them off, since geese do not like loud sounds, and a person can allow their grass to grow long, where geese will have a harder time grazing. A person may also set up decoy swans, since geese and swans tend to fight and antagonize each other when they come in contact as a means of protecting their nests and chicks, so this can make an area less welcoming to Canada geese who want to settle down.

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