Taking A Closer Look Behind The Proper Maintenance Of Your Heating And Cooling Systems

Here in the United States, heating and cooling systems are hugely important – something that the average HVAC company is well aware of. In fact, more than half of all homes – up to two thirds of them, to be just a little bit more specific – incorporate air conditioning systems. And almost all homes having heating systems – in some parts of the country, it’s even illegal to rent a home that doesn’t include heat, as a lack of heat can all too easily prove to be dangerous where winters are long, cold, and frequently brutal.

However, any HVAC company will tell you that your heating and cooling systems need servicing on a regular basis. Fortunately, residential HVAC services can be provided to you by your local HVAC company and can help to keep your HVAC systems in fine working order. Avoiding such regular HVAC servicing by your local HVAC company, however, can have unfortunate results, leading to a reduced efficiency and a rise in your energy costs.

Ideally, your HVAC company will inspect your HVAC system at least twice throughout the year. Part of this will likely involve changing out the air filters on your air conditioning system, though this is something that you should also be doing more frequently, as they should be changed out at least once every three months. Avoiding doing so will not only decrease the efficiency of your air conditioning system, but can cause impurities in the air as well, raising your chances of developing allergies and even conditions like asthma, or worsening them if they already exist.

Simply having your air condoning systems inspected on a regular basis can even improve the longevity of your air conditioning unit. The data that has been gathered on this subject more than backs up this claim, showing that those who regularly serviced and provided maintenance for their air conditioning unit were able to keep it up to 40% longer than those who neglected to service it as recommended. Therefore, the cost of servicing through your local HVAC company is more than worth it – and is actually far more cost effective than avoiding servicing and regular maintenance.

Regular servicing is also very necessary for your heating system, especially if you are looking to avoid the need for heating repair services. In fact, avoiding heating services from your local HVAC company can even have disastrous results. It has even been estimated that up to three quarters of all no heat calls to various HVAC companies around the country can be traced back to a lack of maintenance on the heating systems in question. And as anyone who has lived through a cold and brutal winter can attest to, going without heat for any period of time during the winter months (and even during some fall and spring months) is far from ideal – and can even prove to be dangerous if the situation is not rectified quickly enough.

However, there are other methods to save energy and therefore money aside from simply providing the maintenance and servicing that is so very essential to any HVAC system in any home here in the United States. For instance, the addition of insulation in the typical attic space can be key at reducing energy costs. In fact, families that make this step and this change often find that their overall utility bills drop by as much as 20% – a significant amount by just about any standards and one that will certainly add up over time.

In addition to this, introducing a programmable and smart thermostat can also have tremendous results and be incredibly useful for just about every family and household out there. Simply incorporate a programmable thermostat of some type into your home can actually reduce your overall energy costs by as much a 10%. And while this might not seem like all that large of an amount, it’s an amount that will certainly add up as time passes on and more savings are gained. And after all, some savings are certainly better than no savings at the end of the day.

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