Remoldeing Your Basement

Any homeowner will want to sometimes invest in a remodeling job for their house, and this is not just to make it appear nicer and add more amenities, but because renovations can pay tor themselves in the long run and generate returns on investment. The kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom are popular places in the home to target, but basement remodeling is another strong option that many homeowners may not even consider, but it can be a lucrative way to decorate and enhance the home. Basements are often dismissed as a dirty, dark place to store unwanted items, or a place where the kids are afraid to go. But this does not have to be true; basements can be comfortable, useful, and pleasant places to spend time, and with the right home renovation project, basements can act as a second living room and make a home feel much larger. Done right, a basement can be a relaxing, convenient, and useful place for both spending quality time and storing items as needed. How can this be done?


Basement remodeling might not be as common as kitchen remodeling, but trends in kitchen revocations may give homeowners ideas on what to expect when remodeling their basements. For example, these projects are rarely undertaken alone; the HOUZZ Kitchen Trends Study found in 2016 that 87% of homeowners had a professional help them renovate their kitchen, and during a whole-home upgrade, two out of three homeowners is considering or planning a renovation project. Sometimes, around 35% of the time, a renovation project will involve the entire home, from the kitchen to the bathroom to bedrooms. Nearly every room generates a return of interest in substantial numbers; kitchens, on average, offer 82.7% return on investment, and bathrooms can have a return of investment around 86.4%. How does this happen? Often, utilities like lighting, faucets, sinks, toilets, and showers will be upgraded to more efficient models that save on water and electricity, generating return in the long run. What is more, when a homeowner puts his or her property on the real estate market, a more modern, furnished home will more likely sell than a home that has outdated or unattractive rooms and features in it. Even landscaping can work this way; flowerbeds, a swimming pool, stone pathways, outdoor lighting, and fruit trees, among other things, can make a property stand out to buyers. The same may be said of basements who are not dark, smelly spider web zones, but are instead well-lit, clean, and organized underground rooms that welcome all visitors.

Remodeling Basements

Often, remodeling a basement may involve getting rid of things. Basements are often the catch-all storage for unwanted, damaged, or miscellaneous items, from damaged vacuum cleaners to spare mattresses to old books and seasonal items like snow blowers or pool accessories, and a renovation project can start with getting some good lighting in the basement and taking full inventory of what is actually down there. A homeowner may be surprised by what he or she finds in the basement, and can quickly determine what should be thrown away, given away, or simply moved to a more appropriate storage space. Renting local warehouse storage can be a great option for this.

One the basement’s unwanted items are gone, cleaning can be done, either alone or with the help of professionals, depending on the scale of the mes or if special tools are needed or if health hazards are present. Whether or not crews are hired to clean out the basement, eventually it should be cleaned of spiderwebs, dust, mold, standing water, and anything else. Once this is done, the basement should be clean and nearly empty, and from here, a homeowner can start designing schematics for how to re-purpose this room. One quadrant can be set aside for a flat-screen TV, coffee table, rug, and couch to create a spare place to watch sports games or movies, especially if company comes over and there is not enough room upstairs. The basement can also be used for hobbies like arts, crafts, or even board games when there is no room upstairs for these activities. Local contractors can be hired to help set up new furniture, lighting, air conditioning, and more to make basements the perfect place for these activities.

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