Every Home Needs A Good Foundation The Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Bamboo Flooring

A strong foundation is the key to a good result.

This applies to just about every aspect of life, but is all but literal when it comes to durable and resilient flooring. When you start redesigning your house you might be torn between adding accessories or double-checking your foundation for cracks. When in doubt, stick to the basics. There are plenty of eco-friendly and useful options you can add to your flooring to affect the rest of the household. From saving money on your energy bill to improving your ROI, the benefits of durable and resilient flooring are nearly limitless.

Here are five interesting facts you might not know about your flooring.

Strong Flooring Keeps Your Energy Bills Low

Your energy bill can seem like it has a life of its own sometimes. This is especially true during the extreme seasons, when you’re spending just as much time regulating your home’s temperature as you are relaxing and resting. A great reason to look into durable and resilient flooring is to enjoy a lower energy bill. Heating and cooling has a tendency to slip through the cracks in your floorboards (as well as your doors and windows), reducing your home’s comfort and raising your bills incrementally. Good flooring should never set you back.

Do-It-Yourselfers Save Both Time And Money

It’s great to pick up new skills, both for the self-esteem boost and the cost-efficiency. Many homeowners today are taking power back into their own hands, picking up useful skills they can use around the house at a moment’s notice. Flooring is one area you can get started on this year, even if it’s just looking up the benefits of bamboo flooring. The American flooring industry reported growth of nearly 4% in dollars, as well as 3% in volume from last year. While wood materials are still going strong, bamboo is starting to rise to the top.

Improving Your ROI Is As Easy As One, Two, Three

Before we look into the positive impact of bamboo hardwood, let’s take a look at your home’s ROI. Have you done any projects in the last few years? Are you planning on selling in the foreseeable future? Improving your home’s ROI means replacing what’s not working and giving your house a little shine in the process. You can pair this alongside door replacements for a truly energy-efficient household. You can also look into eco-friendly materials to do your part to clean up the environment.

Eco-Friendly Flooring Is Becoming More Popular

Going green is becoming the way of the future. This can be swapping out a toilet for a low-flush model or, as you likely already guessed, using durable and resilient flooring made out of smarter materials. 2017 was a great year for flooring sales, with industry statistics seeing it top out at $20 billion. A recent study including manufacturers, distributors, and retailers their thoughts saw 70% stating they expect good sales growth. Bamboo flooring is not just stylish, but incredibly eco-friendly and lasts a long time.

A Well-Rounded Home Should Have Durable And Resilient Flooring

Your home deserves the best materials. Bamboo is a wonderful option for homeowners tired of creaky, worn-out, or inefficient flooring. Bamboo is made from all-natural vegetation, a highly renewable resource able to grow to maturity in three to five years. Compare this to hardwood trees which take 20 years or more to reach full maturity. The best bamboo flooring adhesive can take this flooring to an entirely new level, creating a truly well-rounded package you can appreciate in every aspect of life.

A good foundation is everything. Experience the benefits of bamboo flooring yourself.

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