5 Main Different Types of Mesh Screen Fabric

Keeping those pesky bugs and bothersome insects away from your patio, porch, and windows call for proper screening. Choosing the best porch or patio screen, however, can offer more than protection from insects. The screen mesh is also used to add a touch of decoration. Whether used on windows or porches.

There are different types of bug screens and knowing their difference can help you find the right one for your project. Here are some of the most commonly used types of screens you should know.

Fiberglass is the most common type of screen material used for porches. Its mesh screen fabric is inexpensive, and it’s efficient in reducing glare from sunlight offering good visibility. Another reason why most people use fiberglass is due to its flexibility, which makes it easy to install and remove when necessary. Fiberglass mesh screen fabric also doesn’t crease easily like other screening fabrics but it prone to stretch and tear. You can choose from three color options, that is black, charcoal and silver gray.

If you are looking for a mesh screen fabric that offers more visibility than a fiberglass screen, an aluminum screen is your option. However, this material is relatively expensive and it produces a lot of glare. And while it’s durable due to its rigidity, it makes it even more difficult to install and can tear at any time. Aluminum Screens aren’t ideal to be used in the coastal region because of the high oxidation rate. It comes in three color options but the commonly used is black due to its maximum visibility.

Premium Metals
For high-end use, the premium metal screen offers more than protection from insects an bugs. It’s made to withstand rough handling and harsh weather conditions offering you long lasting service. Premium metal screen is available in copper, stainless steel and bronze with the ability to sun control and pet screening even in a seaside environment.

Sun Control
Summer can take a toll on almost everything even your sunroom. It’s important to consider installing a sun-blocking screen if your patio or porch tends to overheat during hot seasons. While you’re aiming to control the sun’s heat, make sure the mesh screen fabric allows maximum visibility and allow enough light to come in.

Pet Resistance
With this type of screen, you are certain to have a bug free patio. It’s stronger than most standard mesh and ideal for an active environment. However, other than the less visibility pet screens offers it can be costly than other screen options. Some homeowners prefer having both pet screen and sunscreen, but the pet screen goes on the lower part of the screened wall.

Now you can enjoy the patio without any bugs flying over your head with maximum visibility in a well-lighted environment.

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