Fluorescent Lighting v LED Lighting What’s Best for Your Business?

By now, nearly all business owners have abandoned incandescent lighting fixtures for fluorescent and LED lights. Fluorescent lights have nearly replaced their incandescent counterparts, but in recent years, LED has often been shown to provide the best light at the best price. If you’re in the market for warehouse lighting fixtures or roadway lighting, where you’re looking for a reasonably priced high-powered bulb, is one better than the other? Here’s a quick comparison of fluorescent and LED bulbs to help you choose the best lighting for your business.

LED Lights are More Energy Efficient

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) emit light through a series of narrow wavelengths that mimics natural daylight. Unlike fluorescent or CFL lights, which contain mercury and emit light on a wider wavelength, LED lights do not have wasted light and emit little heat, making them more efficient. On average, LED flood lights will also last for 15-25 years.

Fluorescent Lights have Lower Initial Investments

Generally speaking, a fluorescent bulb can cost anywhere from $3-$10, while a similar LED bulb costs anywhere from $10-$20. For that same cost, you can often find a 2×4 fluorescent light fixture. Some also argue that fluorescent tube replacements are easier to replace, while LED fixtures vary more widely.

…but LED Lights Will Save More Over Time

Because high powered LED lighting is so energy efficient, it will often end up saving you money on your energy bill. There tends to be only a few cents’ difference between LED lights and fluorescent lights, but over time, that can add up to real savings. For example, a 19 watt LED light will often cost $2.54 per year, while a 20 watt fluorescent bulb will cost $2.67 per year.

Ultimately, it may make sense to invest in LED lights simply because there is a growing market demand for them. LED lights are expected to dominate the market completely in the coming decades, so it may be wise to install LED lighting fixtures now. Your decision will depend on whether you’re able to make the initially higher investment in LED lights in order to reap the savings (and environmental benefits) later.

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