A Look At Flooring Preferences In The United States

If you own a home, you own floors – at least, it’s in your best interest to own floors. All joking aside, floors are an important structural component of your home, and your floors are likely to become worn and even damaged over the course of time. After all, your flooring is constantly walked over. Furniture is dragged over it, as are other objects. Children likely play on your flooring, and things get dropped on it. No matter what type of flooring it is that you have, it is more likely than not that you will need to have it replaced at some point.

Choosing a new type of flooring can be difficult but it is ultimately important to make the right choice for your and for your family (as well as for your budget, of course). You want to a choose a flooring that’s durable, of course. In such cases, many people will consider hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors have become so popular in recent years that more than half of all home owners in the United States alone – just over fifty five percent of them, to be more exact – said that they greatly preferred hardwood flooring. And to widen the scope, nearly all of home owners in the United States (ninety percent of them) would choose tile or wood flooring if they were given any option whatsoever.

However, laminate and vinyl flooring options are still perfectly good types of flooring to choose from. Laminate and vinyl flooring options might not be as fancy as hardwood flooring and tile, but they are going to be much more cost effective. If you are a new home owner and looking to build your nest egg, going for the cheaper alternative is certainly something that should be considered. Laminate and vinyl flooring are perhaps not as high end as the other aforementioned types of flooring, but they are also incredibly durable. If you have young children or pets like cats and dogs, laminate and vinyl flooring might actually present a more ideal option than any other type of flooring, as they provide your with durability at far less of a cost – and we all know how expensive having a child can be, so saving costs wherever possible is incredibly important.

Of course, we can’t forget about carpet flooring options, which are preferred by very nearly forty five percent of the entire population of the United States. Let’s be honest here, some rooms in the typical home do not benefit from having carpeting added. These rooms, like the kitchen and the bathroom and even the laundry room or mud room, are likely to be prone to messes and spills. Having carpet there instead of a type of flooring that is easier to clean can very much feel like a recipe for disaster and can even make you feel uncomfortable in some ways in your own home. However, carpeting is ideal in bedrooms. If you have had carpeting in a bedroom before, then you know just how cozy and comfortable it can be. Carpets that are incredibly plush can be bought, and you’ll find yourself laying down on the carpet instead of the bed. All in all, nice carpeting can really improve your use of your bedroom, providing an additional soft space to relax and hang out that is not your bed. Carpet can also be ideal for the typical living room location, again providing that comfort and sense of coziness. It is also less likely that you will be eating on a regular basis in your living room space, making it less likely to sustain the spills that are so often common in the kitchen as well as in the dining room (though many people only use their dining rooms for formal events and instead will eat at a separate table in the kitchen space for their day to day meals).

From laminate flooring to carpet flooring to hardwood floors, it can feel like there are infinite options out there for you. However, taking your time and going through the process of renovating your floors slowly can help you to feel less overwhelmed with the process.

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