3 Reasons to Use Nexcem ICF in Your New Home

Strong, healthy, energy efficient and green. It’s not a dream to think that the new home you would like to build would be all of these things rolled into one.

But how do you make this home construction dream a reality? What’s the answer? Well, if you are building a new home then you might want to consider using green building materials.

Doing this by yourself can be an overwhelming process. First, find a green architect looking to design your energy efficient, strong, healthy and green home. Make sure this architect will use green building materials.

Next you are going to want to inform yourself about using Nexcem ICF in your new home. Nexcem ICF is a construction material, and ICF is an anachronism for Insulated Concrete Forms.

These high performance custom concrete forms are light construction materials that have many benefits when used in building a home, especially if you are planning on using green materials. Here are three reasons why ICF building blocks would be great in your new home.

You Will Save Money
ICF building blocks are energy efficient. As a homeowner you may save 20%-25% on your cooling and heating costs every year, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

You Will Be Safer
Perhaps this should be the number one consideration. ICF building blocks can withstand winds up to 402 kph. This makes ICF construction a source of protection for your property, especially in the face of a natural disaster.

Construction Costs Will Be Lower
As opposed to traditional materials for making a basement, ICF construction on a basement costs approximately 40% less, because of using fewer steps.

Today, advances in technology and science have made it possible for us to conceive of, manufacture and utilize green building products for our homes that are eco friendly, solvent free, durable and absolutely gorgeous.

So it is not a dream or a fantasy to think that the new home you would like to build using green materials would be all of these things rolled into one: strong, healthy, energy efficient and green. In fact, you might even sleep better at night knowing that you will be able to make this reality happen in your new home.

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